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Real review of "The Heckman Group, Mortgage Lender" in Tampa, FL!

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  Benjamin Bukhar sent us his review February 2, 2017.

  Visited address:
  13139 W Linebaugh Ave #201, Tampa, FL 33626, USA

"I used the Heckman Group to refinance a house a few months back. We initially applied to USAA, expecting good things. Well, I and my wife both have good credit scores, so we expected that the process will go smoothly. We were really surprised to find out that we were rejected, mainly because the agent forgot to lock our rate. We were also really devastated because we spent more than 6 weeks with them before they finally informed us about the situation. We thought about just giving up since we can manage with the old mortgage anyways, but then a family friend introduced us to Brian and his team. She said that she had a great experience with Heckman when she purchased her house a while back, so we decided to give it a try.

When I give the Heckman Group a call, I almost immediately knew that this will be a completely different experience compared to the USAA. Brian told us to come in the very next day, which we did, and that was when we were introduced to his wonderful team. He basically enlightened us about why our refinancing process was rejected, and he suggested a few tweaks that will increase our chance of success. Throughout it all, he explained everything thoroughly in a very friendly and helpful way and was really patient in answering our questions, which are, believe me, a lot. Thanks Brian for the patience! His team was simply amazing, and one of the best customer services I've experienced in any business before. They were friendly, yet very professional, and you could tell that they were willing to go the extra mile to give the best for you.

During our visit, Brian even gave us some financial advice to make the most of the deal. He truly acted like the loan has been approved, which honestly, we were a bit skeptical about, especially when he assured us that he will make the loan go through in a maximum of just three weeks. Well, he did keep his promise, and the refinancing was finished in just 18 days! What an amazing experience.

That's why, when my cousin was looking to buy a house (he also lives in Tampa), we immediately recommend Heckman Group to him, we even took him to meet Brian and his team just because we enjoy dealing with them. While my cousin's credit score wasn't too stellar, they also made the deal went through almost seamlessly. My cousin got his first home in just slightly over three weeks, and he can't thank me and Brian's team enough for it. Not to mention, the rate he got was amazing, a lot better compared to what other banks offered.

In short, I have recommended the service of Heckman Group before, and I'll definitely recommend it again to anyone. They are a group of very professional people, which are also very friendly and very quick with their jobs! Great people and great services, thank you, Brian and Heckman Group."

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