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   Real review of "SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union" in Inglewood, CA!

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  Joshua Hill sent us his review December 14, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3401 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303, USA

"I've been a member of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union since 2015. I frequented the branch at West Century Boulevard, and so far I've only got good experiences from them. This union is one of the biggest in Inglewood area, and certainly is the biggest I've ever joined. This branch is located in a very busy area near Hollywood park, surrounded by a lot of restaurants and shops, so it's a very strategic location.

SchoolsFirst has a very neat and tidy place and very nice employees. In this past one and a half year since I've joined this union, and I was never disappointed with the employees and the services. No matter how small your requests are, they simply never underestimated their customers. They helped you equally whether you are simply creating a small account or taking big loans.

At one time, I wanted to open a line of credit from this union. Their products were diverse and simply amazing. They have a pre-approval method for auto loans, and I can simply go to the car dealer and decide the car I want, and the loan banker will review everything and get the loan done. The process went really fast and simple, It took me only less than an hour to review all the necessary documents and finally get the car. Even more, when I came to pay my loan the next month, I realized that it was also covered with GAP insurance, life insurance, and even extended warranty. I was surprised by the way they handled things, and I felt that I really in good hands. Not to mention, they also offered a very competitive rate compared to other banks in the area.

Although their loan programs were very good, I find that they still have several flaws that they can definitely fix to make things better. In my opinion, they kind of lacking innovation compared to other banks. For example, they don't have many flexibilities with payment methods, and they have quite a limited options for credit union partners. With that being said, you can virtually only make payments through a SchoolsFirst account. It is a bit inconvenient since it's a sort of things you expected from a credit union. I think it's definitely one of the things they can improve in the future. That way, they can give more flexibility for transactions, making it more friendly for multi-account customers.

Overall, however, the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union have excellent services, products, and employees. At least, they give a lot of flexibility yet simplicity in account checkings and payments, as long as you have a SchoolsFirst account. Their customer service knows their job really well, being resourceful in anything related to the union. They also offer a very competitive rate compared to other banks in the area, which is a huge plus. I have recommended the service of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union to my family and friends in the past, and I will definitely recommend it again."

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