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   Real review of "California Credit Union" in Inglewood, CA!

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  Ericka Jupiter sent us her review March 7, 2017.

  Visited address:
  3550 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303, USA

"I have been a member of the California Credit Union for more than half a decade. I frequented the Inglewood branch at West Century Boulevard, which is close to my workplace and is located in a great location overall. I liked the fact that they have a lot of parking space, which for me is really important, especially when you are in a hurry. During all these years, I was always impressed by their astute customer services, which I can say with an absolute confidence that it is among the best in the area.

Not only they keep the place really clean and tidy, which is also very important for me, they were all very friendly and helpful. I liked how they always took the extra time to explain everything clearly, and even during busy hours, they can manage their time really well. The lines won't become too long, yet you'll get the services and explanations you deserved. Their products, especially their loans are also really great. They offered one of the most competitive rates in the Inglewood area, especially for their auto and mortgage loans.

Actually, I started doing business with them when I was looking for a home refinancing a few years back. At first, my option went to Chase Bank (called Washington Mutual back then).However, not only they were offering a tremendously high rate, their service was also very slow. It took them almost the whole two months of a hassle and headache until they surprisingly declined the loan in the end. I was devastated, but then I was referred to the California Credit Union by a mutual friend.

Not only my experience with the California Credit Union was a complete difference, as they did everything in a very quick and professional manner, they also offered me a better rate. I really liked how the mortgage broker lady (sadly, couldn't remember her name as I think she moved to another branch) explained everything really well. I asked so many questions, mainly because of my bad experience with Chase, but she answered everything really patiently and assured me that I will get the loan in no time.

I did get the loan in just slightly over two weeks! An excellent service. That's when I decided to move all my accounts to the California Credit Union, and I finally became a full member of the union. Haven't regretted that decision one bit. A few months back, a friend was looking for an auto loan. He wasn't a member of the California Credit Union, but I told him to give it a try.

He got refinanced for just around 1.5% APR from his previous loan of 5+% APR, and he can't thank me enough since everything went so well. He also really loved the service the California Credit Union gave him, and I'm glad that they treated non-member just as well.

In short, I will definitely recommend the service of California Credit Union to everyone, as I have recommended them in the past."