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   Real review of "Regions Bank" in Pasadena, TX!

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  Connie Morgan sent us his review August 28, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3491 East Sam Houston Pkwy S, Pasadena, TX 77505, USA

"First of all, in my opinion, this bank lacks a lot of things. Of all the bad impressions I got from them, their customer service was especially the worst I've ever had. I really wished I could tell something good about Regions bank, but I truly can't. They lack in so many different aspects, and I think their human resource is the core of their problems.

One good thing about Region bank is that it is located in a very strategic place in Pasadena, with quite a big parking lot and complete facilities. It sounds good on paper, but the bad customer service is just plain bad. Not to forget, there were always some of their facilities malfunctioning every time I visited. They were always severely understaffed. Although the bank is very big with so many lockets, they were always having long queues because there were never enough people. It disappoints a lot of customers, including myself, as we will always need to waste a significant amount of time.

To make it worst, their employees always work very slow. On one case, it took them almost half an hour, not including the queuing time, just for a small money withdrawal. In total, I spent more than an hour just to withdraw several hundred dollars of money. Even worse, they gave me quite a complicated form to fill, and when I asked the clerk lady to explain on how to fill the form, she replied rudely that I should have known how to fill it as a repeat customer. Turns out, she also has the same difficulty when she tried to assist me and has to ask her supervisor! That, after mocking me rudely about my question.

I complained about the situation to a 'manager', but he didn't apologize, and simply waived the issue. It was such an utter disappointment. In my opinion, service is a really important factor in choosing your bank, and it was simply a big minus here at Regions bank. Again, it's happening in all their branches, not just the one I frequented at East Sam Houston Parkway.

As I have mentioned above, Regions bank could have been a little bit better, if only their online services and ATMs aren't always malfunctioning every other day. Their drive-thru ATM service was also always bad, as they are all located in a very tough spot. It simply brings more inconvenience for us customers instead of helping us. Their ATMs were always malfunctioning even for small tasks like withdrawal, account checking, and loan payments. Now, we'll have to visit the bank and face the bad employees, and the destructive cycle repeats.

I finally decided to move all my accounts to another bank, a small credit union who not only offers better rates but also have infinitely better employees and customer services. Sorry Regions, you just lost a customer, and I definitely wouldn't recommend Regions Bank service to anyone. Hopefully, they'll address their staffing problems real soon, and fix all those faulty ATMs!"

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