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   Real review of "Wells Fargo Bank" in Pasadena, TX!

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  Rhonda Galloway sent us her review November 10, 2016.

  Visited address:
  103 W Southmore Ave, Pasadena, TX 77502, USA

"Wells Fargo Bank, as in any other states in America, is one of the biggest banks in Pasadena. However, although it is one of the greatest major banks, I felt that there are several major issues they should fix. First, as I'm sure many people have mentioned it before, their treatments to customers were always far below standard. They were very unfriendly, inconsiderate, and simply put, they didn't care at all about their customers.

I have frequented so many different Wells Fargo branches in several places, and their services were always the same. They were never proactive in explaining their services. When I tried to activate my online account service, I was confused because I didn't know how the system worked. However, when I gave them a call, they didn't give my any adequate explanation and instead told me to come to the bank for the details. That, although they can certainly save a customer's time by calling, mailing, or simply sending an email. It might seem small, but it disappointed me.

Another bad experience just happened recently, as they changed my account details without any warning whatsoever. The new account now makes me pay a service charge and rejects my withdrawal. I never knew about any of this, until I noticed there were several fees charged in my transactions as I checked my online banking.

When I tried to give them a call over this issue, they simply offered no solution for this problem. I've phoned all the people I could think of, who I thought would be responsible for this kind of error. The 'supervisor' who took my call said there's nothing he can do, and he would call me back (of course, he never called back), and he didn't allow me to talk to his higher ups.

I didn't give up, and I visited the nearest branch on the very next day. That's when the customer service finally admitted that it was a mistake. She did help me with a solution and fixed the account, but it took me a whole day at the bank! Even worse, it was never my fault, to begin with, and they never really apologized and try to make things right.

The good thing about Wells? Well, of course, they have a lot of ATMs from a walk up to drive-thru, and even drive-thru tellers. But the way their employees work simply didn't help. Even if they have so many wonderful programs for savings and loans, I think it's no use if you are treated like crap. Not to mention, they offered worse rates than anybody in the area. Not only they treat you bad, but many of their bankers simply didn't understand their own products, and can't explain the products well to the customers.

For me, a bank, in the end, is a service industry, so if they don't improve their customer services, they are a bad bank, no matter how big they are. Paired with worse rates compared to other banks in the area, I won't recommend Wells Fargo to anyone."