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   Real review of "Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union" in Pasadena, TX!

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  William Hinkie sent us his review March 4, 2017.

  Visited address:
  5953 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77505, USA

"Gulf Coast Educator Credit Union was one of my primary credit union that was located near my home. I have been a member for several years now, mainly to cash out my personal funds, and taking advantage of several other loans. It was quite a convenience to have this credit union for my everyday bank needs, and so far, all I've got from them were all pleasant experiences.

It's not that big of a bank, let's say, medium-sized, yet they are very well-staffed. Whether you are a new or returning customer, the employees here always give friendly services, creating a good vibe for all. One thing I really liked was how fast they always worked. As a result, I never really wasted too much time here, both for queuing and for my inquiries. Although they did they job in a quick manner, everything was always addressed thoroughly. All the employees were very knowledgeable, and they always try to give the best services possible. Simply put, their customer service was one of the best in the area. I liked the fact they were always patient in explaining things and answering all the questions.

As mentioned, it has been a while since I've been a member, and between those times, so many things happened. So far, I had no bad experience while doing business with this credit union. I've taken an auto loan and a mortgage from them, and I liked how they offered several different types of loan payback schemes and very attractive interest rates. Although you probably can find lower interest rate in Pasadena, it's also not the worst, since the terms they offered were more flexible compared to other credit unions that I could find.

I also want to emphasize how their programs are all customers-oriented. They have several occasional days to stay in touch with their customers, such as monthly giveaways, loyalty bonuses, photoshoot days, and many others. It might seem small, but for a credit union, it can be a big plus point. Each of their programs gave some good rewards and prizes, making their clients more encouraged to stay with Gulf Coast Educator Credit Union.

Their customer service was also customer oriented. They always try to make their customer happy and addressed all of our issues. At one time when my bag was stolen, one quick call to the customer service managed to pinpoint where my credit card was used, blocked that card, and refund the money. I couldn't imagine getting that quick and timely service from a bigger bank.

Overall, almost every aspect of this credit union is great. They have very friendly employees, nice products both for savings and loans, and nice, functioning website. Although it's a small credit union, their online services are more than decent. I always have great experiences with this credit union, both financial-wise and service wise. I have recommended the service of Gulf Coast Educator Credit Union before, and I will definitely recommend it again."