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   Real review of "MBM Check Cashing" in Detroit, MI!

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  Rick Lee sent us his review January 17, 2017.

  Visited address:
  7716 W 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48234, USA

"I have used the service of MBM check cashing for several years now. In my opinion, MBM is one of the best options for check cashing service in the Detroit Area. Not to mention, it also offers one of the most competitive rates for payday loans in the area. I mainly use the branch at East 8 Mile Road, which is located on my way back from work, so I often used it to cash my paychecks right after work. The fact that they are open until 6:30 every Fridays really helped. So I can visit them a little late.

I was first introduced to MBM by a colleague, who also uses MBM from time to time, both for check cashing and taking loans. I was having a bit of financial trouble and was in need to get a fast cash. He recommended MBM to get a check cashing service, but honestly, I was hesitant because it was quite a big paycheck, and I heard the fee from institutions like MBM can be ridiculous.

However, as I was desperate, I decided to give it a try. Mind you, this was my first time dealing with such institutions, so I was more than a bit nervous. When I finally gave them a visit, however, I can see that my nervousness was totally baseless, as I was immediately greeted by a very friendly man (which I learned later was the owner of the establishment). He explained everything regarding the process in a very patient and friendly way. I was actually surprised with the price of the fee, way below what I was expected, and everything was done in a very quick manner.

Ever since then, I am a loyal customer to MBM, and I have never got any bad experiences with them. They had no limits for their check cashing, and they also accept any kind of checks, all with very decent fees. You can also pawn your gold or jewelry to MBM, with very decent buy back value. Compared to other pawn shops in the area, I find that they are better and especially more trustworthy. One time I pawned my antique gold watch with them, and I bought it back for only about 10% of interest. It came back without a scratch and any problem whatsoever, so it's definitely a decent option if you are in need for some quick loan.

Sadly, they didn't offer any payday loan service. However, I heard many businesses around the area used them to front their checks. It might be an interesting option if you have a small business around Detroit. You can also pay your bills here, as well as cashing your debit cards for an unlimited amount. Simply put, MBM is a very decent check cashing establishment in Detroit, far better compared to others in the area. I have recommended the service of MBM in the past, to friends and colleagues, and I will definitely recommend them in the future."