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   Real review of "Teamsters Credit Union" in Detroit, MI!

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  Daniella Forrest sent us her review February 23, 2017.

  Visited address:
  2825 Trumbull Ave, Detroit, MI 48216, USA

"At first, I thought that Teamsters Credit Union was a good credit union to join in. Well, the options in Detroit were quite limited, and Teamsters seemed like the good guys, initially. However, it took me only several months of being a member to find otherwise. To begin with, their customer service was way below standard. Every time I went to visit this bank, I went home being really upset, and that's not overstating it.

The main problem, in my opinion, is their employee. Their performances were always so bad, far below standard compared to any other banks. They work sloppy, very slow, and were never friendly to the customers. At one time, I needed to spend more than 45 minutes just to get a cash withdrawal, and it's not a big amount. Their queuing line was also always long, even during not so busy hours. I don't know whether they are understaffed, but every time I visited, there was only a maximum of two tellers, even during the busiest hours. And to make things worse, as I've mentioned they work really slow, so you'll need to wait a long time every time.

Their online services were also initially somewhat pleasant, but they turn out to be not as good as you'd think. I have used the online banking to store checks to my account several times, and the application always says that it will be finished within 1 or 2 working days. However, it took at least a week until the checks were finally deposited to my account. This happened several times, as I got tired of complaining to them every time it happened. The customer service did apologize, telling me that it was a malfunction on their end. However it always happened every time I tried, so I think I can safely assume that they simply don't care to fix their own problem and give a better service.

Another problem I always had with them is their ATM machines. Their ATMs are severely outdated, very slow, and not user friendly at all. The fact that they already didn't have too many ATM machines in Detroit is understandable, being a credit union. However, it's no use if they are either broken or very difficult to use every time. To make it worse, they never took any actions as we complained about the ATM machines, leaving us annoyed and disappointed. As an example of these problems, their ATMs don't change your PIN password into asterisks, so people behind you might notice your PIN. It could be a serious security issue, and I assume quite easy to address, yet they took no action at all.

In the end, I think Teamsters Credit Union need to reorganize their internal structure. Every day, I notice they were fewer and fewer people coming in, and I myself am considering switching banks at the moment. They need to rebuild their quality and customer trusts, by improving their services, facilities, and overall environment. Not to mention, they never offered quite a competitive rate in their products, both loans, and savings, making us ask whether there's any benefit in staying with Teamsters."