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   Real review of "Michigan First Credit Union" in Detroit, MI!

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  Jennifer Dudley sent us her review March 10, 2017.

  Visited address:
  5057 Woodward Ave #1, Detroit, MI 48202, USA

"I wouldn't recommend the Michigan First Credit Union to anyone. This credit union has very bad employees and overall services, and I think that's enough reason to avoid them. As we know, any credit union must have their own standard procedure on how to help and take care of the customers, but I can't say that I can find it in this credit union. It was just simply so awful so that in just two months I closed my account and move to another (far better) credit union.

At first, I tried the Michigan First because it was located very close to my house, it would take me less than 10 minutes of walking. Second, this place is less crowded than other banks in Detroit area, especially on weekdays. Now I know that it's because of their quality that they have few customers. As I've said earlier, their employees were very bad. They were very friendly and smile all the time, but you can definitely see that they didn't enjoy their work at all. They were very slow with their job, and you will never see them going the extra mile to help you.

On one case, I wanted to open several accounts for my children. Many other unions provide options for teen accounts, so I assumed that Michigan First will also offer similar options. However, as I made my inquiry, I was really disappointed to find out that the teller didn't even know whether such options are available. The teller then passed me out to her manager, which made things much worse because he didn't solve the problem and didn't give any alternative solution. After I spent almost an hour with no results, I gave up and I went to another credit union, which opened the accounts I needed in just less than half that time.

One other major complaint is that their facilities were very limited. The Michigan First branch near my place only has a single ATM, and you can't find any other ATMs nearby. To make things worse, it malfunctions all the time, leaving me frustrated and perplexed. The ATM was severely obsolete, and it was not user-friendly at all. It took almost a whole three minutes just to withdraw your money, a very slow machine by any standard. It was so frustrating, and yet the tellers were also very slow, so you simply didn't have any better options.

Not to mention, the rates they are offering weren't any better compared to other banks in Detroit. I mean, being a small bank with limited employees, your only chance to compete should be by offering better rates. However, many other bigger (and better) banks in the area offer better rates.

In the end, It is so puzzling for me to find the Michigan First Credit Union to have such a bad service. They really need some management changes to make it better, or else they will lose more customers."

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