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   Real review of "California Credit Union" in Pasadena, CA!

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  Shannon Ernster sent us her review October 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  527 S Lake Ave #105, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

"The California Credit Union is one of the few trustworthy banks in Pasadena, CA in my opinion. I've been a member of this credit union for more than half a decade and was always satisfied with their services. They really kept their services in check, and after all these years, their performance never deteriorated and was consistently helpful to their customers.

In my experience, all of their employees were very resourceful. The bankers, tellers, financial managers were all very professional with their jobs, patiently answering all my questions all the time. They never forget to always be nice and thoughtful in responding to their customers.

Up until today, I have several accounts with this credit union, both for personal and business use. What really amazed me was how the California Credit Union maintained a very competitive rate in the area. Their loan rates were always lower compared to other banks, while their saving and deposit rates were always higher than their competitors.

I could not be more satisfied in joining this credit union. Their customer service was always very clear in explaining everything when I had any difficulties or simple questions regarding their products. Their hotline service and direct service were all good and helpful. They simply never said 'don't know' toward their customers, but always provide you with solutions and alternatives.

On one case, I lost my deposit record with the California Credit Union, and I was surprised that they kept a complete record for a replacement. Not many credit unions that I know of provide such a complete record for safe keeping. When I asked about the situation to the employee, she went straight into the storage room and dug all the necessary files I needed. It was such an amazing experience, how they service their customers in a very quick and helpful manner.

Another thing I can complement was their overall banking system. It was very neat and fast. They always have employees behind all of their counters every time, so you wouldn't need to deal with long queues. They also work very efficiently, as it has never takes me more than 15 minutes to do any business with them. Their system was not complicated and easy to use, bringing the best convenience for any customers.

Their online systems, website, and apps are also working very well. You can pay your bills and check your accounts from a very intuitive mobile app, and their website is also updated regularly with up to date news and announcements. I used the online services quite a lot, as it brought more convenience on the table, especially when you are busy and can't make a visit to the credit union.

In the end, the California Credit Union always provides me with good experiences in these past 5 years or so. They never disappointed me in almost every respect, and this credit union never bothered me with extra fees and escrow charges common with bigger banks. Their friendly and personalized attitude was one of their biggest forte, a rarity from smaller banks such as this one. Not to forget, free parking to all of their customers!"

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