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   Real review of "SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union" in Pasadena, CA!

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  Eric Maher sent us his review January 9, 2017.

  Visited address:
  555 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

"As a customer who has the experience to join many Credit Union around Pasadena, I would like to recommend SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union as your banking option in the area. I myself always set quite a high bar for my banking choices, and I can testify that SchoolsFirst always provides a great service. Their employees, as well as their products, were never disappointing, with very competitive rates compared to other banks in the area.

My first experience with this credit union was when I and my wife were looking for a third-party buyout for our lease. Without any delay, the front employee who received us directly introduced us to one of the other employees who handled the loan process. As we sat down and began our conversation, we immediately felt that they are a great choice. The loan agent provided us with the possible solutions and was patiently explaining everything to us, answering all our questions with great knowledge. Not to mention, he was really friendly and knew our needs really well. He gave us several pieces of advice on how to proceed, and how we can make the best of the deal.

We visited back several days later after we've prepared the necessary paperwork and other details. Again, the agent explained to us clearly about the whole process, including the tax processings and how it will affect the buyer. It was amazing how the employee really helped us with his maximum effort. Even better, he went overtime to review the document and made the necessary calls to check the policies related to the taxes. We really had the reassurance that SchoolsFirst was really the best choice we can get, and we will have no regrets. He also promised us to get the loan done as soon as possible, and he did keep his promise.

Just slightly after a week, when all the paperwork was finished, he introduced us with several potential buyers. We found a buyer who was a really nice guy and gave us a good offer. With SchoolsFirst as the mediator, the whole transaction went smoothly, with no problem occurred at all. SchoolsFirst really handled everything from beginning to end, and we got the deal done in just 13 days. We really felt that SchoolsFirst really tried to help their customers, and I haven't found any banks or credit unions who are willing to do the same, especially in Pasadena.

I moved all my accounts with SchoolsFirst since then, and I can say that I was never disappointed with all their services. Their customer service is simply amazing and result-oriented. Now, I have my personal and business account with them, and also our child savings, summer savings, several personal and credit loans, and college savings with the SchoolsFirst Credit Union. For me, professionalism and great customer service are really important to trust your money to, and I can say with confidence that I have made a great choice. I will definitely recommend SchoolsFirst to anyone."