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   Real review of "Logix Federal Credit Union" in Pasadena, CA!

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  Gloria Yeung sent us her review March 14, 2017.

  Visited address:
  Shops On Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

"Logix Federal Credit Union was one of the best union that you can find in Pasadena, CA. It also one of the largest credit union, with several branches scattering in the busy areas of Pasadena, making things more convenient. The main offices are all located in strategic places, most of them with their own parking lot behind.

First of all, they offered one of the best customer services I've ever received, even from non-banking companies. As you walk into their door, you will be welcomed with smiling faces of their employees, all the time. Their treatments to customers were always orderly, making everything done in a very quick manner. With so many counters at each branch, the queuing line was never too long, even during the busiest of days.

They always showed good manner, shaking your hands while greeting you and asking how was your day. In turn, the service you'd get from Logix Federal feels more personalized, which is one of the best perks of this credit union.

I would also recommend getting an auto loan from this union. They offered a great rate and the loan process is very easy. They guaranteed that all the initial paperwork will be done in less than an hour. They also provide an in-house auto expert to appraise the car you want to purchase. As a result, the appraisal process will be very fast, with a very easy process and great rate. Not to forget, their financial service officers are very professional and courteous. They will patiently answer all your questions about the loan product while also giving thoughtful advice to get the most of your deal. In my case, the rate I've got was less than 1.50% APR! I simply can't find a better deal in the area. I heard that their other loan products are also great, including their mortgage and home refinancing products. Sadly, I haven't got the chance to try.

Aside from their excellent loan products, their saving products are also very promising. At one time, I had to register several checking and savings accounts at once for my business. The teller who helped me was very helpful, suggesting me several features and alternative account products that might suit me better. She assisted me to open all those accounts seamlessly, while also explaining their great online services including a great smartphone app. She explained everything clearly, and everything was done in a relatively quick manner. As the process was quite complicated, I expected to spend quite some time, but I was sure glad that it wasn't the case.

Overall, the Logix Federal Credit Union is a great bank. I have recommended this credit union to friends and family in the past, and I will certainly recommend them in the future. Their great customer service and programs ensure customers' satisfaction and trust. They never made paperwork and regulation too hard for the customers, which is another great thing. In short, a great credit union with a well-rounded quality in both services and products."