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   Real review of "Cash Plus" in Killeen, TX!

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  Sabrina Soto sent us her review August 25, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1001 Willow Springs Rd, Killeen, TX 76549, USA

"I couldn't stress enough to avoid Cash Plus at all cost, especially the branch at Willow Springs Road, Killeen. Well, at first I used them strictly for check cashing services, to cash out my checks and debit cards from time to time. Their fees were reasonable enough, and I never really had any problem with them back then, so I didn't believe all the bad reviews before.

On the plus side, well, their employees were a bunch of nice people. They always greet you with a smile and seemed to work reasonably fast and professional. However, my views about them changed dramatically when I took their payday loan.

Well, I had a few financial difficulties, and in need for a quick cash. Desperate, I took a payday loan from Cash Plus because I knew most of the employees there. However, I was really surprised to find out that their interest rate was really ridiculous. It's close to 200% of interest rates, and it's only after I really asked that they explained about the interest rate. I was reluctant to take the loan, but then, I was desperate so I decided to give it a shot anyways.

The nightmare begins the day before the due date. I was in a meeting and I couldn't pick up the phone when they called me. Remember, this was the day before the due date and I wasn't even late yet. It really took me by surprise when they called all my reference number, including my office because I didn't pick up a single phone call. I called them back and told them not to call my employer, especially since I was not planning to pay late in the beginning, and it's not the due date yet. I'm also sure that there are some laws prohibiting them from calling my employer and reference numbers, especially because I wasn't late.

However, the very next day they repeat the same thing, and my boss even called me to meet privately because of this issue. Thankfully I didn't get any problem from my boss, but it was really embarrassing. I went to Cash Plus right after work and pay off the loan, and I promised myself not to take another loan from them anymore. It's simply not worth it, and the interest was really ridiculous. When I paid off the loan, I complained about how they made the call, but the clerk rudely replied that it was how they do business, and they didn't break any law with that. I was really upset, but I decided to let it go since it's all paid off and done anyways."