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   Real review of "USAA Financial Center" in Killeen, TX!

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  Teaven Barnum sent us his review February 3, 2017.

  Visited address:
  900 W Central Texas Expy, Killeen, TX 76541, USA

"USAA was one of the several banks that I joined. I have been a member of this bank since 2010 after I was tricked and disappointed by my previous bank. My neighbor introduced me to USAA, which he himself has used for a number of years. As I visited USAA for the first time, I got a really good impression and I was grateful to join this bank since they definitely excel at what they do. When I first talked about transferring my accounts from my previous bank, immediately the customer service and a financial advisor helped me with all the possible problems that I might face. The employees prepared the necessary documents in a fairly quick manner, and everything was done seamlessly. Based on that initial experience, I can say that USAA was dependable, professional, and trustworthy.

USAA have several methods in handling their day to day transactions and treating their customers. An old-fashioned people like me tend to visit the bank on a weekly basis since it is more convenient to meet the bank teller face-to-face. Either for depositing and withdrawing money, I tend to do them by a direct visit. However, younger and more tech-savvy people might prefer an online system, and USAA also provides a very decent online banking and smartphone app. Both of them were designed really well to cater for the different types of customers, getting more convenience as the result. Customers can get real-time account updates and unlimited money transfer from the online banking, and you can deposit your check simply by taking a picture on your smartphone.

One time, I had a problem in transferring my Roth-IRA, so I gave them a call for a solution. They told me to visit, to find a solution, where they did a video conference call with one of their best financial advisors in a different state. The advisor was very knowledgeable and informative, and as the result, the issue was cleared up in no time. I was really grateful for the help they gave me and was really impressed with their very personalized service. I couldn't imagine getting that kind of service from bigger banks, and mind you, I am very far from being their biggest customer, just a regular people with so-so savings amount. I can only imagine the services they would do to their biggest savers.

I also liked how flexible their online banking system is. Their online features helped a lot of busy customers so that instead of needing to visit the union, they can simply use their online banking service, that is really easy to use. If you have any loan with them, they also offer some flexibility of payment methods, and it's quite a rarity for banks in the area.

At the end, in my opinion, USAA is one of the best bank in the area, which I had a really good experience within the past six years. They helped me with a lot of issues and always offer solutions."

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