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   Real review of "Educational Employees Credit Union" in Fresno, CA!

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  Mark Bozzo sent us his review October 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1177 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, USA

"I was one of the loyal members of Educational Employee Credit Union, and this has been my fifth year with them. As one of the long-term customers of this union, I should say that I got a mixed feeling about this place. During the first 2 years when I joined this union, everything was very good. The loan interest is low and competitive, the customer service was very good, and all their products both for loans and savings were excellent. Simply put, nothing from this credit union made their customers hate back them. As for myself, during those years I've opened several checking and savings accounts. They also provided me with credit cards, car loans, and even a mortgage. I also took a home refinancing program for my previous home, and all those programs were all really good deal. Those deals were far better than what's offered by other banks in the area.

Their excellent services and hospitable employees made all the processes smoothly done. No matter how small your needs, or whether you are rich or poor, the employees will treat you all the same. I had almost no complaints during those couple of years since all the issues were solved in a very quick manner. With their good performances and great attitudes, the Educational Employee Credit Union performed really well back then.

As I have mentioned, their customer service was really great, they always answer all the necessary questions patiently and clearly. Other than that, their online system was also very good, very convenient and easy to use, so sometimes you wouldn't even need to make any visit at all.

However, during more recent years, this union was deteriorating in quality. Their overall performance and employee professionality degraded quite a lot. The new employees now clearly lacked experience, and many of them treated their customers with cold shoulders. Simply put, the treatment to me as a customer was different than before. As I've said, I noticed that a lot of the employees were replaced by new ones, and now they never greeted me as kindly as before. They also worked very slowly and weren't as helpful as the old employees. They were also often very rude when you complain about something. One time, I was asking for an explanation regarding their changes on their smartphone app, and the reply was downright rude. The lady clerk simply said that as a long time customer, I should have known about all the details.

At the end, I don't know why the management made such changes and how they handled their employees nowadays. During the whole past 2016, I haven't experienced a single decent service from this union. Their hotline for customer service was also rarely answered, and when I needed a solution, they always gave unsatisfactory answers and unacceptable behaviors. I really don't know why their previously good service went down to such a disgrace. They should really fix their employees' behaviors since many customers nowadays are disappointed with the quality of their services."