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   Real review of "ACE Cash Express" in Fresno, CA!

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  Kristen Henson sent us her review March 19, 2017.

  Visited address:
  3760 W Shields Ave #101, Fresno, CA 93722, USA

"I have used the service of ACE cash express from time to time over the years. The branch I visited was the one at West Shield Avenue, which is just a few blocks away from my workplace, so I often use them to cash out my paycheck after payday. Well, they open until 7 pm during weekdays, and until 8 pm on Fridays, so It's always convenient that I can visit them after work.

I really liked that they always greeted customers with a smile. Well, being from a minority race, I am glad to say that I was never discriminated here, no matter how busy they are or no matter how small your business is with them. They were always really friendly and professional, and you can get any of your business done in just a few minutes. Although they are often very busy sometimes, I rarely see a really long queue, thanks to how the employees doing everything in a relatively quick manner, so it is another good thing about ACE. The most I've spent in an ACE branch is around half an/ hour, and that's because I took a relatively complicated title loan.-

I've also used their payday loans service from time to time. Well, I wouldn't advise in taking payday loans, as the interests can really pile up and trap you. However, compared to other options in Fresno, ACE is one of the decent ones. Don't take me wrong, their interest rate is still higher compared to other conventional loans. Yet, it's better compared to other payday loan companies in the area, and the most important thing is, ACE is a trustworthy institution. They won't charge you with crooked hidden fees and sudden late charges, and when you are behind in payment, they are pretty considerate, as long as you are honest about the whole thing and be responsible.

Well, I did have some issues with payments and was late several times. For each of those times, however, I always gave them a call informing them that I would be behind. They will always ask you how much extra time you would need, and as long as you keep your promise, they won't be rude or harsh towards you.

You can also pay your bills at ACE, which is certainly a convenient way if you have an ACE branch nearby. It won't really cost anything, as with their check cashing services, so it is a great overall value. The place is clean, neat and tidy with cool air conditioner, so even if you need to spend some time, it will still be comfortable.

In short, I will definitely recommend ACE cash checking to anyone. Their check cashing services are really cheap, and they do everything quickly. They can also process payday loans and auto loans with a relatively decent rate, compared to other options in the area. The nice and professional employees are always helpful, and for me, a great service is what determines a business. That is why, ACE cash express deserved a 5-star."