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   Real review of "Citizens Equity First CU" in Peoria, IL!

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  Jennifer Kestel sent us her review March 21, 2017.

  Visited address:
  5401 Everett McKinley Dirksen Pkwy, Peoria, IL 61607, USA

"Citizens Equity First Credit Union, or more commonly called CEFCU is on paper, an excellent bank. I have been a customer for more than half a decade, and during those years, I've had several savings and checking accounts both for personal and business use, a mortgage, two auto loans, and several deposits. They offered great rates both for savings and loans, and all the processes were fairly easy. All of their employees were really friendly, and their online banking systems are great. As I have mentioned, on paper, they are excellent.

However, one major downside about them is that they were always busy! No matter how many windows are open, they were always long queues, and it was obviously worse during busy hours. The tellers are friendly and very professional, yet I felt that they were always very very slow with all their jobs. Even for depositing a simple check, you can expect to spend 30-minutes to 2-hours, depending on the queue. I can't tell you what's their actual issue are, as I've mentioned that almost every window was open every time and the tellers actually knew what they were doing. It might be tied with their system, I don't know, but this issue made an otherwise great bank to be flawed. It doesn't matter what time you visit, I've tried visiting real early in the morning, and half an hour before closing. You will always need to spend quite some time!

If only you wouldn't need to visit the teller, this bank is great in all other aspects. I remembered the process of taking my mortgage, which was accidentally my first ever home purchase. Everything was explained really cleary, and the mortgage broker was a really nice lady. She answered all my questions patiently, and the whole process was done in a few weeks time. Excellent service. Not to mention, they offered far better rates back then compared to other banks in the area. They also offered very nice and diverse investment products. Well, for an old guy like me, making my money work for me is an important issue, so it's nice that they have a lot of profitable investment options.

For a credit union, they have quite a number of ATMs in the area. Well, it's not like you can find them in every few blocks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America, but they are fairly easy to find. Also, they are associated with a lot of other credit unions, making it easier for a lot of things. In short, again, they should be a very decent bank, if not only for their long queue time and quite a slow service. I really hope they will fix this issue ASAP, as it is sometimes stressful if you have to spend a lot of time just to do a simple withdrawal. Other than the queuing issue, I would definitely recommend their service to anyone. "

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