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   Real review of "Valley Capital Home Loans Inc." in Stockton, CA!

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  Marcus Kubitz sent us his review November 4, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4550 N Pershing Ave #1, Stockton, CA 95207, USA

"We can't thank Angie and Valley Capital Home Loans Inc enough for what they've done to us. We were desperate to finally be a homeowner a few years back, and we went to several banks to get a mortgage. However, we spent months with a lot of banks only to be declined again and again. A family friend suggested trying the Valley Capital Home Loans, as they have helped him for his home purchase before. Well, we decided to give it one last try.

As we made that visit to meet Angie for the first time, we were relieved for her honesty. She pointed out some of the issues that might hinder our chance to get a mortgage loan. She suggested us to join a program to rebuild our credit score. She claimed to have helped similar people in the past with great success rate, and she was confident to be able to help given a year or so. Well, of course, it was not the answer we hoped for. However, it was better compared to the false promises we got from other banks, not to mention the waste of time for a lot of paperwork, only to get the loan declined in the end. We agreed to postpone our purchase (well, since there was no other option anyways), and to join the program since the fee was acceptable. During that year, she provided us with resources, tips, and information to make my credit reports better. The information provided was very easy to use with step by step approach and very easy to follow. During that year we also experienced how everyone at Valley Capital Home loans was very friendly and professional, and we always get our questions answered satisfyingly.

Fast forward a year later, and our credit scores have improved dramatically! Just as promised. Finally, we were eligible to get a mortgage, and so we went hunting for our dream house. Valley Capital offered us a really good rate, and Angie again helped us with all the paperwork necessary to get the mortgage approved, and to our surprise, she even helped us with the closing cost. She went the extra mile to be able to provide us with the cash necessary for our closing cost since every single penny of our savings went to the down payment. In the end, the loan was approved seamlessly, and it only took around three weeks until everything was done. Again, we can't thank Angie and Valley Capital enough for their help. They were simply really professional, considerate, and know what they are doing.

In the end, I will definitely recommend Valley Capital Home Loans. They really want to help in rebuilding your credit score, and they offer great rates compared to other companies in the area. They were always very professional, quick, and most importantly, they are able to give you a personalized service according to your needs. I think it's not far-fetched to say that Valley Capital is one of the best mortgage lenders in the area."

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