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   Real review of "Golden 1 Credit Union" in Stockton, CA!

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  Scott Bowman sent us his review March 22, 2017.

  Visited address:
  850 W March Ln, Stockton, CA 95207, USA

"Golden One Credit Union is a place that I would not recommend. As I know, Golden One has a very bad system. They really make everything more complicated. Not to forget they have a very long procedure when you using a loan from this union. Also, the credit billed or any delivery that comes to your place from Golden One always late or delayed. Sometimes it takes you weeks to have a notification mail.

At first, when I went to open my new account. Nothing inconveniently comes from Golden One. The union processed all my account and takes less time that I expected. Also, there is nothing that makes everything hard. All the necessary data and document to fill was a general one. And In less than an hour, my account was ready and caused. At that time I am pleased with this union performance.

After that, I ask about ordering my checkbooks and also my debit card. With a simple response, he told me to order my checkbooks online. Also for the debit card, it will send to my address. But when I am at home and try the online order it denied. The notification said that for first time order it need banker authentication. That problem cost me time as it makes me wait for next week to get my free time to come and as the bank again. Also, it makes me more frustrated was the debit card. It takes weeks and it still not coming. So when I call the customer service, she said that the banker could have created the debit card on the spot. Just by hearing that statement, it makes me very annoyed. And from that point, my trust towards Golden one keeps diminishing. They should have given correct information towards the procedure for every service that this union has. The banker should not answer without proper knowledge because at the end it will do more harm than good.

Other bad experience that happens to me was when I tried to deposit my payroll check. Then the banker said to me that the check will put in on hold for at least a week. The reason behind it was not a regular kind of deposit. As I complain to the banker that it was a normal kind of deposit in any other places. He then said that you can cash the check out then deposit it back to the Golden One. It does not making any sense for the banker to give a solution that way. As I have been a member of Golden One credit union and that same institution told me to go to other financial institution. To make it worst all I was need cashing out the check with a 10 dollar fee then bring the money back to Golden One. That thing made me very outrageous. In my lifetime experience, Golden One was the only one that can say a ridiculous thing as that."