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   Real review of "Homestead Mortgage" in Beaumont, TX!

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  Jasmine Solomon sent us her review February 27, 2017.

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  8155 Gladys Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706, USA

"I used Homestead Mortgage for a rather complicated refinancing process a while back in 2013 or so, and after that, I've purchased another house with them just last year. During both experiences, I can say that they are the absolute best mortgage lender in the area. I can say that with confidence because when I was shopping for the refinancing back then, I tried almost all the major banks and mortgage lenders here as comparisons. Well, my first choices are the Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which I believe are also the first choices for so many people.

One thing about major banks, as I'm sure many of you have heard in the past before, is that they don't really care about their customers. Mind you, back in 2012 my credit score was stellar, so I was confident in getting the loan. The agent at Wells Fargo forgot to lock my initial rate, and instead won't admit her mistake, offering me a significantly higher rate instead. I obviously canceled the loan, because as I've mentioned, I was confident in getting the loan from Bank of America. However, after two whole months of a hassle with paperwork and confusions, they declined my loan without any explanation! I was truly devastated and I was just about to give up back then, but as I mentioned, I shopped around to other banks and mortgage lenders in the area. A family friend suggested trying Homestead Mortgage, and that is how I got introduced to them.

As I gave Homestead a call, I knew immediately that my experience will be different. I got introduced to Patti Merrill, and she set an appointment for us to meet the very next day. As I met her face to face, she was really professional and very quick with her job. She was also very friendly, and very patient in answering all my questions (believe me, a lot). I told her about the unpleasant experience with the other banks, and she told me not to worry, and that she will try her best to make the loan go through ASAP. Well, she kept her promise, and I got the refinancing in just shortly after two weeks. It was a really great experience in working with her! Not to mention, I got a very decent rate, a lot better than what was offered by Bank of America before.

As mentioned, last year I was purchasing another house, and of course, my first choice then was Patti Merrill and the Homestead Mortgage. Again, she did a really nice job to make the loan go through, and I got the mortgage closed in just slightly after three weeks. I was really glad that Homestead still kept their very competitive rate, as well as the very friendly and professional services. In short, I always got great experiences with them, and I would definitely recommend Homestead Mortgage to anyone. If you need a mortgage or refinancing in Beaumont, Homestead Mortgage is the way to go."

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