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   Real review of "Education First FCU" in Beaumont, TX!

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  Ariel Bass sent us her review March 26, 2017.

  Visited address:
  6885 Eastex Fwy, Beaumont, TX 77706, USA

"I have been a longstanding customer of the Education First Federal Credit Union for the past 12 years or so. The branch I frequented was the one at Eastex Fairway, Beaumont. It is quite a big branch with plenty of parking space, and they always keep the place tidy. I frequent this branch mainly because it was located very close to where I live at, and they rarely have very long queues even during the busiest of hours, a big plus for me, since I always hate to spend too much of a time for my banking needs.

One thing I have to say about this credit union is their service quality. All the employees here were always very friendly and respectful, and they treated their customers with great care. As I have mentioned, they rarely have long queuing time, not because they were never busy, but I felt that they managed their time and services really well. Every customer was treated in a fairly quick manner, yet you won't feel that they are rushing things. Every question was answered patiently and professionally, and so far for all these years, I was always satisfied in that regards. Simply put, I feel that Education First FCU's customer service is definitely one of, if not the best in Beaumont area.

They also have fairly great products, both for their loans and savings. I liked how they have a fairly good amount of investment products that we can use, with relatively attractive rates and offers to other banks in the area. At my old age where investments are really important, this type of diversity in products is really important to make my banking choice. Definitely a huge plus.

Their loan products, as I have mentioned, are also great. So far, I've had an auto loan, a mortgage, and a refinancing from Education First FCU and all my experiences regarding the loan were great. I got the mortgage for my very first home purchase with Education First. Well, I tried going with Wells Fargo too back then, as with many beginners of home buying. Education First offered a better rate compared to Wells Fargo and several other banks and credit unions back then. The mortgage agent was also very friendly and professional, and the loan was closed in a fairly quick manner. If I remember correctly, it only took them less than three weeks to get the whole mortgage process done.

I received the same service when I went for refinancing due to decreased average mortgage rate. It was also very fast, and they kept a very friendly and professional service throughout the whole process.

I also liked how they have quite a number of branches and ATMs in the area. Well, you won't see an ATM machine every two blocks or so like if you are going to Wells Fargo ATMs, but it is quite decent. It won't be too hard to find the ATM machines near you. Simply put, I will definitely recommend their service to anyone."

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