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   Real review of "Huntington National Bank" in Toledo, OH!

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  Steven Curry sent us his review March 11, 2017.

  Visited address:
  519 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604, USA

"Huntington National Bank is located not far from my home, a medium-sized branch with a private place to park your car, which is nice. I was a customer of this bank for just less than a year, based on my neighbor's recommendation since I just moved in. My neighbor told me that this bank has a nice service and integrity, and that was also my first impression I got when I joined this bank. For the first two months, I didn't get any problem at all from this bank.

However, things started to went downhill since I wanted to take an auto loan from this bank. Huntington gave me a promising start at fist, with a very tantalizing program and very attractive rate. I agreed to take that loan, but that was the start of every bad thing I got from Huntington after that.

As far as I know, banks should have automated withdrawal system from the account for any kind of payments that we will need to pay. At least, that was my experience from my previous bank. However, that was not the case with Huntington. They cannot make a direct withdrawal from my account (which was an account of their bank), so I had to send my payment manually. Well, it's a minor issue so yeah, I paid manually for several payments. Yet, many weeks later, they called me that I haven't paid my loan, and they did not receive my payment.

To make it worst, they charged me with additional interests and late fees, which was quite a significant amount. However, they didn't make any attempt to contact me at all besides that mail. No warning or notice in charging for late payments, nothing. Without delay, I called the customer service to clarify things out that I have made my payment. I was shocked that the customer service lady was very rude, accusing me of fraud and assuming I was the one who made mistakes. I argued that I have paid, then she told me to e-mail the proof of payment and hung up on me. Very rude! I emailed them, and days later the same customer service called me and told me that it was all clarified. What made me really upset, however, is the fact that she did not apologize and acted like a different people altogether. At this point, I was really disappointed with this bank, as they treated customers not fairly and with prejudice.

Needless to say, at the end of last year I planned to move from this bank. I've found another bank that will accept the loan continuation from Huntington. As I visited them to close my accounts, the employees gave me a hard time to close my accounts. Again, he was very rude and told me that I would need to pay several fees and fill very complicated documents before I can close them. The fee was not that big, but the documents were very complicated. Yet, I was relieved to finally left this bank, and I would not recommend this bank to anyone."