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   Real review of "PNC Bank" in Toledo, OH!

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  Michelle Mayer sent us his review February 23, 2017.

  Visited address:
  700 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, OH 43604, USA

"PNC Bank was one of the worst banks that I ever joined, and I really regret being a customer of this bank. With this experience, I learned that I will need to be careful and do some research before deciding to join a new bank. It was a fatal mistake for me, and in the end, I lost both my time and money when I came to this place.

When I opened my account in this bank, it felt reassuring at first, since everything that I asked and wanted were fulfilled. The documentation processing was fast, and the information about everything was quite clear. Also, they reminded me that I would have 90-days before the minimum balance would be charged to my account. The banker said to me everything I would need to avoid that charge, which is to maintain a minimum average balance of $1,500. With that in mind, I put all the necessary requirements. However, after several months, I found out that they charged me with the balance fee. It was really surprising since I did everything they asked, but I decided to waive it away since I was quite busy at that moment and it was only a small amount.

However, as the time goes, there was another weird situation I got from the PNC bank. PNC held up my check that I got from my insurance company for more than 3 weeks. It effectively delayed the repairs for my damaged home. I complained to their customer service, and I was hoping for a compensation since it resulted in more damages to my home. The customer service was very complicated to deal with. The automated response asked about my social security number and other questions for authentication, but I can not get through to the customer service. I gave them another call asking to speak with the manager, but they told me that it would take up to 48 hours for that! In the end, I can't talk to anyone, and I was really frustrated with their attitudes. I finally got that insurance check cleared out after I make a visit, which costs me 3 hours of my working day to clear this situation out. They were never helpful during the whole situation and frustrated me even more.

At the end, about last week I decided to close this account for good. Not only they didn't keep their promise about the balance fee, they also have a very bad customer service. But then again, even closing the account is not an easy procedure! They charged me $40 to close my account after so many excuses, and it renders me totally speechless. I agreed to that fee because I don't want to be involved with PNC bank anymore. However, it doesn't stop there. They asked me to fill very complicated documents and a lot of processes, which was very exhausting just to close an account. I will definitely not recommend this bank to anyone. They should be aware of PNC ways of conduct which is money hungry and selfish."

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