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   Real review of "Independent Bank" in Memphis, TN!

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  Philip Reed sent us his review July 24, 2016.

  Visited address:
  5050 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38157, USA

"Finding a reliable bank that you can confidentially rely on is often very difficult as the many institutions we have often have this mentality of fleecing their customers for huge profit margins. However, there is this one bank that I find to be entirely different, and that’s none other than the Independent Bank in Memphis. I can access my money regardless of the state I am since Independent Bank has many branches in many locations throughout the United States. Besides, there are many services I can subscribe to while I am a customer of this bank. I can make safe deposits without fear of my money being eaten away by many service fees as it is with other banks. Also, I can request for credit facilities anytime I want as long as I submit all information needed by the bank.

I have never had a transaction with a bank that is as efficient and reliable as Independent Bank here in Memphis, TN. There was this time I hadn't cleared paying my mortgage rates, and my realtor was all over the phone saying that if I default on making my monthly payments, then my house would be in for a foreclosure. I had nowhere to turn to for the extra money except for the Independent Bank. The money I needed to clear off paying the mortgage was only $24,000, and unlike other banks, Independent Bank didn't make me wait for too long before I could have the cash in my bank account. If you are in urgent need of a credit facility, I would recommend Independent Bank based on my personal experience. Besides, their interest rate is very low, and with this, my guess is that you wouldn't have any problem paying any credit you owe to the bank.

There are these times we do encounter a technical glitch with our credit cards, and the advice is that we should always reach our bank immediately we notice any problem with credit card facilities. I remember this day my family went shopping for Christmas, and the problem was that my credit card was showing that I had nothing left in the bank account yet in the actual sense, this was only a glitch. I contacted Independent Bank customer care desk, and it was not for too long before the credit card problem was fixed. Independent Bank is an institution that are is very welcoming to its clients, and this can be confirmed by how easy it is to reach them in case there is any problem that needs to be resolved. In my situation, I only made a phone call to them, and that was it – my credit card problem got solved."

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