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   Real review of "KeyBank" in Toledo, OH!

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  Nicole Byram sent us her review April 1, 2017.

  Visited address:
  3031 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, OH 43610, USA

"Since the beginning of 2017, I started to be a part of Key Bank. I heard about this bank from my close friend that recommended it to me. When I visited the Key bank for registering as a new customer, they gave me quite a bad vibe for the place. They have an okay performance in customer service, and not too slow with their jobs, so that was not the point. Honestly, everything went quite well for that first visit. Their attitude, services, and products were all alright. However, I still felt that something was wrong, but I ignored that hunch and went on with them anyways.

However, my bad hunch turned out to be true, as everything went downhill since then. The first problem that came out was the debit card delivery. It took them almost a whole month just to deliver my debit card! It gave me quite a hard time because at that time I was switching bank. Because of that, I had to direct deposit my paper check from my job, which was a real hassle. Yesterday, I tried to use the debit card, and it was rejected without any reasons! I obviously gave them a call about the debit card, but when I asked the customer service about the solution, the (very rude) lady told me that I don't have the minimum balance. That was obviously a mistake since I deposited a check a week back. When I again asked her about it, she said that the check wasn't deposited yet because it was a blank check. Again, it's impossible because it was my paycheck from my legit job!

That point was the new low on how I disliked the Key Bank services. Before I switched to this bank, all my payroll checks were deposited without any problem, ever. I know that the company I worked with never game me a fraudulent check. To make sure, because the customer service lady insisted, I make a call to the payment department of my company, and they said that the check was clean and cleared. Of course, I went back to Key Bank's customer service with that fact, then she made another excuse that she could not deposit my check and my money at that time, and she would need to check with their supervisor. I was outrageous, because they held my money for so long, and they gave a lot of stupid reason to keep my check frozen. After a long and painful complaint and argument, her boss took my call and talk. He said that everything will be looked upon, but I will need to wait three business days.

At the end, I finally got my money from that check, but my feeling towards Key Bank was a huge disappointment now. It only has been slightly more than a month, but I already planned to close my account from this bank. They never are very helpful for me at the end, and only aim for their own profits and money."

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