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   Real review of "INTRUST Bank" in Topeka, KS!

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  Jerrica Winkenwader sent us her review November 13, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1035 SW Topeka, Topeka, KS 66612, USA

"Intrust bank, in my opinion, is one of the banks with just a mediocre overall quality. I have been their customer for 2 years now, and initially, I was recommended Intrust Bank by a friend. However, I think Intrust is simply not one of the best banks in Topeka area because of several reasons I will discuss below. At first glance, you might have a good impression from this bank. It is a small bank with a nice parking lot and looks very convenient. It is located near the business district, so it is very strategic and it is easy to come visit this bank.

That was actually why I chose Intrust bank in the first place. Intrust gave me a good impression at the start, and the employees were very helpful in guiding me and giving me the necessary information that I needed to know this bank. They explained everything patiently and clearly, including their diverse range of products. So at the very least, I can say that their customer service was decent. A good example was when I opened my checking account. The employee explained it with a very simple and easy to apply term, and he also took the time to explain other available alternatives that Intrust provides. Because they explained everything clearly and patiently, honestly it made me to consider some of their interesting products. Again, I think their customer service and employees were at the very least, decent, at least at first.

I appreciated a lot of thing they did to me back then, as they obviously tried to keep their customers comfortable and feel welcomed. However, that attitude did not last long. Not long after that, I realized that they have been scheming behind my back to steal my money. At first, I did not take a lot of concern about the recurrent overdraft fees they charged me. At that time, I thought that it was my fault that I took more money that I should have (mistake on my end). However, after that I tried to be more careful and I checked my balance regularly so that it won’t overdraft. However, it shook me by surprise that they once again charged me with an overdraft fee, and again more frequently than before. I do not take long for me to give them a call and complaint for that issue. Yet, when I asked the customer service about my complaint, she said that there was nothing wrong because I did make an overdraft transaction, so that they charged another overdraft fee. Turns out, they purposely arrange so that every transaction that I make will have overdraft fee.

Knowing their true nature, it made me lose trust in them. Since then, what I saw from this bank was only greed and how they did everything they can to squeeze money out from their customers. Their money-centric attitude disgusted me, and at the end, they are only interested in making as much money as possible without caring for their customers. With that regards, I definitely won’t recommend Intrust Bank to anyone, please avoid them at all costs."

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