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   Real review of "Azura Credit Union" in Topeka, KS!

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  Alix Hernandez sent us his review April 10, 2017.

  Visited address:
  610 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66612, USA

"Azura Credit Union was one of the bad choices that I’ve made in my banking experience. It only took me several weeks to regret using Azura credit union as my financing partner. There is almost nothing that you can be proud of by joining this credit union. The reason I joined this credit union was out of curiosity. Also, this credit union was quite promising at first. And At that time I the Azura Credit Union was the closest from my place. And because I joined this union without proper knowledge, now I take the consequences.

What I regret most was the performance of employees. They are so unprofessional at work and have a worst possible attitude. Some of them are very rude and they serve customers in a very bad manner. They do not greet them and they speak with a grumpy intonation. No smile that comes out from them and they tried to ignore our question or request as much as they can. Also, they have disgusting customer service. They even do not know how their credit union works. When they try to answer and solve our problem, it was not very helpful at all. What makes it worst were how the standard operation procedure that Azura's have. Everything that they did almost was in a mess. And they do not have a very good time managements. It took more than 15 minutes to deposit our money to our account. Also, they make it hard for every program that they have. At one time I've got enough of their ignorant attitude. As I want to close one of my children accounts. The banker said to me there is a procedure to be performed if we want to close the account. Which at the end it was nearly impossible to close the account with them.

Other Inconvenient problems that I have got from Azura's were the system. It takes more than one month to receive my debit card. To make it worse. I take me extra two weeks to activate my card in person. As far as I know, many other credit unions or banks can activate your debit and credit card account by calling their customer service. It should be as easy as that. But it was different for this credit union. Azura customer service was useless and when I asked to activate my debit, she said that you can not activate it via call. And as I came to the union, the banker said in need at least a week to work.

At the end, I can not understand why this union was so bad. Many customers feel deceived by the Azura Credit Union. So many of them put their hope and trust to this union. At the end, they are all disappointed. As for myself, I do not want people felt the same way as mine. Once you joined this union, nothing good comes out of it. Also, this union was full of deception. It was very easy to get in, but it was really hard to get out. They need a massive management change and more appropriate employee if they want to make their union better."

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