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   Real review of "KeyPoint Credit Union" in Santa Clara, CA!

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  Kenzo Baxter sent us his review September 4, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2805 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

"I joined the Keypoint Credit Union a few years back because of recommendation from a friend. Another reason for choosing them was that the branch location is only several minutes driving from where I live, so it's a convenience.

Well, at first, all their first impression was okay, and nothing looks inconvenient from their services. They did have a fairly small place with no parking lot, and they were always quite busy. However, the queuing time is manageable, as even during peak hours, you will only need to wait 5 to 10 minutes on average before you can meet the tellers.

For a small credit union, this credit union has plenty of products and high-quality services. The first time I opened my account here, the employee that handled me explained all the necessary information. It was all nice and clear, and he also pointed out their products and programs. He even gave me suggestions and advice based on what I told him, which was actually convenient. It was one of the best customer services that I can find in Santa Clara, and I can feel all the employees were working to their fullest. Also, I liked the fact that they were never too pushy and persuasive in offering their products.

After I opened my first account here, it took me only three months to decide in getting a loan from Keypoint credit union. Well, I needed a car back then, so I applied for their auto loan. Keypoint gave me a very nice APR at just 1.49%, which was better than what's offered by other banks in the area. After I asked some questions about how the loan will work, I agreed to the loan.

It was amazing how the loan was processed seamlessly, as the employee who handled me took care of virtually everything. From preparing the necessary applications, calling the car dealer to confirm the car purchase, and finalizing, it only took her about half an hour until everything was done. The only thing I really did was to fill the necessary information and give my signature. After all that, it only took another 15 or 20 minutes before everything was approved and I finally got the car I needed. It was a very good personal experience with this credit union.

Well, it's not that they didn't have any flaw, as I felt that they are lacking in their internal system. I felt that their system is slower than it should be, as simple things like sending a check or cashing out your check can take several days. Although the delay was always bearable, it can definitely be improved by having a better and faster bureaucracy. Also, they could have a better website and online system. Again, it's not that bad, but the user interface is relatively complicated. However, they did update their online system and website from time to time and they are improving into a better and easy to use the system. Hopefully, they will keep improving in the future."

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