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   Real review of "Patelco Credit Union" in Santa Clara, CA!

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  Maza Alemu sent us her review December 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2654 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

"The Patelco Credit Union was one of the first credit union that I joined with. For almost 7 years since I have taken part in Patelco credit union. They never disappoint me at all. Even at the certain time, they worked work beyond their supposed duty. They sense of responsibility were very high. Also, they work as best as customer expectation could be. Being part of Patelco credit union was the best thing in my financial life.

As one of my favorite credit union, Patelco has all the necessary standard for pleasing their customer. Their employees should be one of the points that Patelco must be proud of. Each of the workers pays attention to what their job task at hand. They consider every complaint and problems that customers have. They try their hardest to solve and mediate everything they can for their customer. Aside from that, they also know each job they should do. It was reassuring to know that each of service their giving to the customer comes from the experts.

In terms of their attitude were one of other pleasant things that I could find in Patelco. Their face pace service, a proper action for each problem were examples of their worker finesses. Their friendly and kind attitude were one these credit union trades that were quite rare in the financial services. Almost all credit union or bank that I know were very bad in handling customer and treat them in the kindest manner.

For their programs that were so flexible and have other option. And based on my experience the loan that Patelco provides to their customer were one of the best offers you can find on Santa Clara. Their loan can be adjusted based on the customer need and problems. Also, Patelco gives a short term loan or fast loan for who only need a small kind of loan for minor purposes. This credit union is not only aim for large loan programs. Even the minor and small programs are part in their care. In my case, I have taken a car loan, a home loan and one personal loan for having vacation overseas. It was one of the best experience that I could get from this credit union.

They put a good interest loan rate for a customer. And aside from that, they were flexible in the term period. One of my friends who are one of the members in Patelco had some problems. The problems itself was quite severe so it affected his loan payment. And while the plea for extension period for his loan. The employee who handles his problem was doing his best. He overlaps many factors and helps my friend earnestly. As the result, although the loan interest increases but at the end, my friend got the extension period that needs to solve his problems. Again, some credit union or bank has a supportive program and regulation. Not to forget the fast pace of the work to notice and agree on the loan."