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   Real review of "National 1st Credit Union" in Santa Clara, CA!

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  Pedro Medina sent us his review April 16, 2017.

  Visited address:
  2999 San Ysidro Way, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

"I have been a customer of the National 1st Credit Union for more than a decade. In the past, I have used many financial services from big banks to small credit unions, and at the end, National 1st is the only one that I kept. When you compare this credit union with other big banks, I felt that National 1st is an obviously better choice, giving me better experience over the years compared to those big names.

The National 1st pleasant experience is not an empty word, as so far, my wife and I had several accounts in this credit union. They are very trustworthy, which in turn builds up our confidence in them. Up until now, we have our saving accounts and checking accounts for our day-to-day purposes. We also have two car loans and a home equity line of credit from them. The loans are relatively of big amounts, but National 1st gave us good loan interest rates, and their loans are very simple and straightforward. Not to mention, we also have a debt consolidation loan and home refinances with them. All their loan products were so far the best experiences I have from the National 1st credit union. Up until now, there is almost no disappointing experience I have with them. Everything was running well and next year we are also planning to purchase another house through them.

Other than their magnificent loan products, their customer service is also another good point I can give. They have a high standard in keeping their customer services, and on top of that, their employees are equipped with kind and gentle personalities. That way, we always had great customer service experiences from this credit union. No matter how small your needs are, their employee will treat you equally. At the end, I feel that this kind of attitude is what attracts many customers, and causing all the good reviews for this credit union.

In terms of the place, this branch had a good environment and is also very comfortable. Everything was always kept tidy and clean, and they also provide rooms for customers. For example, the Rumpus room is provided for young children of the customers. Here, the children can play with many children toys, games, and stuffed animals. They always keep this room clean and sterile so all the young children's health was all in check. This type of treatment made us customers realized how National 1st indeed care about their customers.

So far, their only drawback was the online-related services. It is not that bad, and at this point, we can say that their online services were OK at best. However, I felt that they definitely could improve their online services to keep up with current demands. The one major problem is that the speed in their network system was relatively slow. Their user interfaces were also relatively complicated for most people, and can be hard to follow. Pair that with the slow network speed, and their online services can be a hassle sometimes. At the end, I hope National 1st will fix this problem in the near future, to improve their otherwise stellar qualities."