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   Real review of "Cardinal Bank" in Alexandria, VA!

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  Laura Messinger sent us her review May 8, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1737 King St #140, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

"Cardinal Bank is one of the small banks located in Alexandria. At first, I compared this bank with others in the area before I decided to be their customer. However, after I've done some research and asked around to my friends, I finally applied to this bank. My first impression about this bank is that you will have more personalized services. As you know, many big banks tend to ignore your personal feelings and problems, but Cardinal bank showed that they are willing to be a part of your life. They showed care about everything related to their customers. It has since been over 2 years since I became a customer of this bank, coming regularly almost every single week, and they took care of my financial problems and matters.

For a rather small bank, Cardinal is one of the best banks you can be a part of in the area. They have super friendly services, and their employees always have calm and hospitable attitudes while dealing with the customers. Their knowledge about Cardinal Bank's services and products were vast, and they can explain everything clearly. They knew what to recommend to their customers depending on their needs, starting from the type of accounts, loan programs, and saving types. Based on my experiences, I would recommend their saving accounts since they offer great interest rates, while also giving you several other advantages that you may not find in other places. For example, their child account is very easy to open, without any complex procedures you often find on other banks. They did charge a bit higher for opening a child account, but in my opinion, the ease of access is worth every penny.

When it comes to location, the branch is located in the center of a crowded neighborhood. With that strategic placement, many of my neighbors and friends are also part of this lovely bank. Their family-like environment brings comfort to us in doing business with Cardinal bank.

Many small things such as greetings, remembering names, and simple smile made all the difference. With that reason, some of my friends including myself feel that we are treated as their valued customers.

Aside from that, their online and self-service machine also has a part for the greatness of this bank. Their online services provide us ease in transferring money to another account. They also have an online payment feature so you don't have to come to the bank every time. Their ATM machines are also relatively easy to find and are relatively fast, so you don't have to queue for a long time when using their ATMs.

Overall, I love to be a part of this bank. Everything that I have experienced here resulted in a positive vibe. And there is almost no problem happened to me and my several accounts. They keep maintaining everything as good as they can. I would like to recommend this bank because it was one of the best banks that I have joined so far."

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