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   Real review of "Navy Federal Credit Union" in Alexandria, VA!

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  Alexia Rostow sent us her review February 10, 2017.

  Visited address:
  3725-A Jefferson Davis Highway, Alexandria, VA 22305, USA

"Navy Federal Credit Union were one of the credit union that giving me a positive review. Most of the experience that I have got in the last 5 years always amazing. They never disappointed me in every aspect. This credit union was always giving their best service towards their every customer. Also, I like this credit union has good facilities that give an ease access to every possible service that they provide.

Their very location was a strategic place. It was located in a dense home complex. To make it better, they provide a quite large private parking place only for a customer of this union. Their cleanness was also the Intrigue part of this credit union. For myself, tidy and clean places give more points and appealing. The places that see the value in it makes more customer gives a positive attitude and more likely to visit often the credit union. Otherwise, the dirty and messy places give an unhealthy vibe and a bad persona towards credit union.

Their standard operational procedure was also one of the best when you compare it with several other credit unions. The kind and gentle staff make a good service for the customer. They always greet every one of the customers that need their help. Also, they try to provide any assistance with the best attitude possible. To add it more, they also have a flexible customer service and also the opening hours. Their customer service also has a deep knowledge about this credit union. When customer having their problem or want to know this union better. The customer service provides everything necessary about all that. And their customer always guaranteed that they understand and know the necessary information needed.

When it comes to products, Navy Federal Credit Union offers many great deals and programs. Each of created by this union for the better of their customer. Every service that this union provides, gives opportunity for many customers to feel and know that their services and product can be very competitive with other credit union or banks. Also they provide so many variants and level of loan (short-term loans, large term, personal, etc.) that each customer could choose. Also, they make sure that every loan that each customer takes was not a letdown.

Furthermore, for people that plan to have a self-service for depositing their money and print out their bank account. Navy Federal Credit Union provides their customer with a reliable ATM. For several other customers that have a busy day to day activity and they can not do transaction or deposit with the teller. This alternative was very helpful since this method covers many types of people who access this credit union.

Overall, Navy Federal Credit Union gives a good vibe towards their customer. Their services and programs really helpful many people that were needed. Attitudes were gentle and kind. It makes customer reassuring for what this bank could provide. For me, it was one of recommended credit union that customer should get."