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   Real review of "Burke & Herbert Bank" in Alexandria, VA!

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  Allison Rosania sent us her review April 20, 2017.

  Visited address:
  306 E Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301, USA

"Burke & Herbert was one of the big banks that Alexandria has. Although they are very big with many branches located around Alexandria, they have never been one of the best that bank that located here. At least in my experience, it was one of the worst banks that I have ever joined. The only reason that I have joined this bank was the closeness of this bank with my home. Because I have got a tight schedule every day, to travel to other bank or credit union that quite far were not a choice that I could make.

Since the first time I joined Burke & Herbert, this bank always makes me so furious. There is always excuse and problems that each transaction that I make using this bank. And when each problem happens they always said that they learned their lesson and try to improve their quality and services. But in the end, it was a big mistake to trust every single word that they said to reassure us.

As the nightmare never stops, they keep unknown fees debited from my account every month. One of an example of these ridiculous fees was a charged that I have not deposited enough money to this account. Although the charge amount was not big, it was still a stupid thing to charge your account for that reason. At the end, I can not give a good reason to talk good things from this bank.

Other things that annoyed me were they way that their hold my check deposit for a quite long every single time. As long as the law and regulation permit them to hold my deposit check. They keep doing that without any understanding of their customer. Also, it happens also with transfers. I do not know any reasons of why they doing that. But they way of conduct was so bad that even to hold customer cashing a check for so long without proper reason.

They unreliable keep on bothering me and my account. Although it was one of a big bank that you could find, their online service was very bad. To make it worst, their layout and interfaces were so bad and hard to recognize by customers. And with that, I do not recommend to use their online services.

Clueless staff is also one point that I make this bank not fit for their customer. It was so bad that every time they service their customer it almost takes 30 minutes. They work very slow and inconsiderate towards their services. Also, some of them sometimes were very rude to the customer. At one time some of them shout on the telephone and ignoring the other customer and other giving a cold shoulder to their customer.

At the end, after spending several months with this incompetent bank, I decide to close my account for good. Surprisingly, it was the most complex and hardest procedure in this bank. The banker does not know the how to close their client account. And not long the manager come and take over my procedure. It takes me at least 20 of waiting until the manager said that I need to fill down several documents and sign it. But the worst part was I charged on several things that even I do not know what it is. And at the end, all I do were pay the fees and never looking back to this bank ever again."

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