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   Real review of "Embassy Auto Title Loans FL" in Pompano Beach, FL!

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  Frislaine Doucet sent us her review July 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1503 S Cypress Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33060, USA

"I have used the service of Embassy Loans for several times these past few years. I had a bit of financial trouble a few years back, and I also had quite a bad credit score. I did have a functional truck that was still in quite a pristine condition, so I figured that title loan was my only option. Yet, I never took a title loan before, much less any loans, so I was confused about where I should begin. As I asked around, a colleague recommended Embassy Loans, which was located at South Cypress Road, just a few blocks away from my workplace in Pompano. I decided to give it a shot, so I gave them a visit.

However, then I was informed that they are not taking walk-ins, and I would need to fill an online application or call for an appointment. Well, it was a bit of a hassle since I was already there, but I followed the rule and I shot them an online application the next day. They got back to me fairly quick in just half an hour or so, and told me to visit the day after. Mind you, at that time my financial situation worsened so I was a bit annoyed about the delay, as I was really desperate for money.

I visited the very next day as appointed, and I was quite desperate for the money. That was when I was really impressed with how fast they processed the loan. When I applied online, I was a bit skeptical about their advertising about same-day approval, but that time I can see what it was all about. I was a bit disappointed since they only approved for $1,100, while I was looking for $1,500 and I believed that my truck was worth that much on a loan. I liked the fact that they were really friendly during the whole process, and was really fast with their job. To my surprise, I did get that short-term loan promise, and I took home the money I desperately needed in just less than an hour.

The interest rate I got was quite high, as expected from a place that doesn't do credit checking. However, I found out when comparing online that they offered slightly better rates than other similar companies in the area, so I guess that was a plus point. They also didn't charge any hidden fees, which honestly I was afraid of. In the end, I was satisfied with their service and I was really glad that they helped me out from the dire situation.

After I paid back that loan (without any problem, per se), I took several other loans from them because my finances hadn't improved. Every time, I got the same friendly service like my first time with them, and every loan was processed really fast and professional. In the end, I felt that Embassy Loans is one of the best title loan places in Pompano area, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone."