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   Real review of "PNC Bank" in Pompano Beach, FL!

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  Anthony McCutcheon sent us his review December 9, 2016.

  Visited address:
  289 S Pompano Pkwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, USA

"PNC Bank branch in Pompano Beach is not that big. It was quite small and this branch does not look like a good one. I joined this bank because, in another branch in another town, PNC were ok. I do not know what happen with this branch. But in here it was worst and their performance is very lacking. It disappoints me to be part of this Bank member.

Personally, I did not want to make this bank as the main part of my financial helper in my life. But since I have heard this bank reputation, I try applied to one of their financial programs. One month since I joined, I applied for a home equity Installment loan. It was one of a mess that will happen because of these programs. After all the application were set. Appraisal came to report and told us that the number were lower that it should. And I know the appraiser make a misreported to the bank. Which resulting in reduction about fourth from what it should be. They appraising method were so crude, they only make a ranged priced that less than 240k. They did not consider any neighbors and house next door that were identical and appraise for more than 240K. It was so depressing to know that the appraiser chooses the lowest possible prize, and assigned to my house without proper explanation and reason to me. I make a complaint to the appraiser because although my home were bigger than my neighbor. But in the end, they give a number that was less than my neighbor or any other house that smaller than mine.

Feeling distrusted towards the appraiser, I planned to make a complaint to the PNC bank. Then try to make them took a measurable action towards this problem. As I talking to the loan manager that handle the loan branch, the employee gives me a lousy reason which in my point it was not too relevant. He told me that he can not do anything unless they give me a blueprint of my home. And by doing that he will consider to re-evaluate the necessary calculation for the loan.

When after several setbacks that happened I increase my statement to ask them to re-evaluate the appraisal because it not fair. At this moment I was at my limit, it was never been as this complicated. To make appraiser do his proper job, and it was PNC duty to make sure that they do alright. As a good bank, they should make their customer at ease, and try not to avoid them because they make mistakes. They should try to correct it and if it still the same appraisal, at least they should give a proper explanation why our home was less than the other. It was a shameful moment for this bank to not try to act professional and feigning their own mistakes.

Because of this accident, I realized that I need a proper investigation to do before making any bank part of your financial life. Also, make sure that the bank and credit union taking care of their customer professional manner. Many of them can disappoint and your life miserable. At the end, I don't recommend the PNC bank that located in this town."