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   Real review of "Regent Bank" in Pompano Beach, FL!

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  Rubin Dessein sent us his review April 26, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1540 S Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA

"Regent Bank was one of the banks that I have a less respect with. This bank makes the customer feel sick of their services. And their performance and quality of how they work are one of the worst that I could experience with. I know Regent was only a small bank. But in my experience, I have known many banks and credit union that as small as regent. And some were smaller than regent. But even though they are smaller in size, their performance and services were far better than the Regent.

It was a pathetic thing to ever use this bank as one of my financial services. At first, it based on a distance of this bank from my home. Next was because this bank customer traffic was ok based on my observation. At the end based on simple observation and not asking my friends and neighbor was my biggest mistake. Their program, their service, their system can not rely on. You may find it a good impression in a first meeting with the employee. And at first, most think that their employee is only stiff and less talking. But as the time goes you will realize their work with no ethical, no standard operational, and not reliable. And only by that time you realize what happening with this bank, then you already too late.

Other problem that this bank has a money oriented policy. They want to suck dry your money with any way possible. In a Regent online transaction system, their data are not displayed to their customer. Again based on my experience that relies on this increase data to transfer the money to another account was a mistake. The main problem is that most of the transaction data is show as pending until midnights. Then only after that, it syncs with the servers. And because of it sometimes the transfer money rebound back and they charge a fee around 10$ for each rebound.

To find this kind of practice in this small bank was disappointing. I realize they need to have a faster and better online transaction to keep everything real-time. Sometimes customer like me depends on the account information that the bank gives to make it delay means they want to collect rebounds fee and overdraft fee.

Other problems were the double charge when you make a transfer to another bank or credit union accounts. Again because of the delay of the system they charge when we transfer the money. Since it delayed usually the money will get through to the other account the next day. As they arrive, they charged it again. Then when I complained about what happen. The customer service replied that it was part of the regulation. It was ridiculous since I have never found a bank that charged twice for transferring to different account.

All I want to say is that I do not recommend this bank as part of your financial services. They want to take your money without giving a proper service and reassurance in your financial lives. And if you already be a part of this bank, try to close it and try other banks or credit unions other than this."

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