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   Real review of "Lending Solutions, Inc." in Elgin, IL!

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  Rebecca Rizzo sent us her review October 6, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2200 Point Blvd #110, Elgin, IL 60123, USA

"Located in Elgin, IL, Lending Solutions offers various services to its clients including customer support, lending solutions, mortgage processing and collection services. It has a vast network of connections with major players in the financial industry spanning 300 institutions, and it has a colossal 400 loan officers who make it very appealing to many people. It essentially offers support to clients on behalf of the many financial companies it is in business with.

Lending Solutions is always committed to serve both its employees and customers well. One of the core tenets of the company is that workers who are treated well, treat the customers well, and the company has managed to carve out a good name for itself as far as making customers feel esteemed is concerned. Considering it is a credit institution, being customer oriented has worked in the company’s favor since it has managed to retain a lot of its employees and clients while managing to attract new customers.

Its representatives are friendly which is a big plus, and they are also attentive to clients’ issues. Of course, occasionally, it is common to come across an employee having a bad day who will not treat you exceptionally well but will treat you okay all the same.

They make some errors here and there, and cases of disgruntled clients are not uncommon. However, they do try to be courteous if they are on the wrong compared to other companies which have a nonchalant attitude. They try to sort out any issue, and if you were on the wrong they try to explain it to you. There are those who understand and those who do not, but at least, the company genuinely tries to be nice. Some employees vouch for the CEO as being super friendly and good-natured which is really nice too.

Their range of services is large and the company focusses on offering innovative solutions on all fronts. Additionally, they encourage clients to call them irrespective of the issue and since they are on call 24/7, you can be sure that you will find someone helpful to talk to when you call.

One unique thing about Lending solutions is that they are aware of what they are doing, and they strive to do it right. Their experience favors them, and as at now, it seems as if they learned from any mistakes they might have made. This is one company that will certainly continue to grow; hopefully, their growth will not dilute the quality of their services."

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