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   Real review of "BBVA Compass" in Garland, TX!

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  Jeff Collins sent us his review August 19, 2016.

  Visited address:
  111 N Glenbrook Dr, Garland, TX 75040, USA

"Compass bank commonly known as BBVA compass is one of the leading financial company not only in Garland, TX but also across other part in the country. In 2015, this financial company was ranked among the top 25 largest US commercial bank based on deposit share market. Its ranks as the fourth largest bank in Garland TX and has been recognized as being one the institution that is leading in small business administration leaders. Compass bank focuses on three major business units. They include Commercial banking, wealth management and retail banking. This bank offers financial product and services that are geared to better the lives of their customers. Main products and services offered by this financial institution include retail banking services, consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, home equity loan, treasury management, wholesale and commercial banking among many others.

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The main aim of Compass bank is to provide quality services to residents of Garland Texas. The bank has grown to become one of the largest in Texas because of quality of their products and services that they offer. In addition to that, they also have excellent customer care department that is always ready to take care of customer’s queries and suggestions.

The mission of compass bank is to provide products that are relevant to clients. In addition to that they also offer their services at a very competitive rates, a factor that has enabled them to earn huge customers base. They also create memorable experience buy ensuring that they give their clients quality and satisfactory services that they are looking for. Quality services that Compass bank boost of has been attributed with the number of years that the company has been operational. Being one of the oldest financial companies in United States, company bank has tremendous experience in banking industry. Financial sector is actually one of the most competitive industries in United States and only those companies that offer quality services that meets current customers’ needs usually get to services. The experience and commitment that Compass bank have has enabled it to provide quality services to their clients.

One thing that has really made this financial company to stand out above the rest is the technology that they have integrated. Unlike other financial institutions that hat take a little bit longer when responding to customers especially when it comes to processing of mortgage loan, Compass bank responds very first to customers. They have integrated efficient technology that enables them to provide quality banking services to their customers. In addition to that, they also offer unique banking products such as home equity loans and security brokerage that are very beneficial to the customer.

However, although compass bank has really out classed other financial companies when it comes to delivering quality financial services and products to their clients, not all customers are happy with this bank. In fact when you read customers reviews online regarding this bank, you will discover that most residents of Garland TX are actually not happy with the interest rates charged by this bank. Many have complained that the bank charges high interests rates when compared to other financial institutions around."