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  Kristen Derby sent us her review July 11, 2016.

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  250 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103, USA

"It’s very rare that I come back to write a review about a service I received from a company but today I just had to say I am very grateful to LoanMax Title Loans in Manchester, NH for their excellent service. These guys literally saved me when I was in my lowest point of life.

Well, I have had some tough financial times in the past but June this year was quite challenging. I have four children and they are all in school. I am a single mother and not even working two jobs could help me raise all the bills that month. I had recently moved to a smaller house in Manchester in a bid to save money to cater for other bills. My first born daughter unfortunately suffers from breast cancer and I therefore have to spare extra cash for her chemotherapy and counseling.

In June, she complained that the pains were getting worse and that she needed more intensive care than she was getting. All this time I had no more than just $100 in my account. The pain of watching my daughter wither again was overwhelming. I approached a few friends for help but it was mid-month and most of them were near broke as well. This left me with one option; get a loan. This is when I learnt about Loanmax Title Loans in Manchester from an internet search.

I gave them a call and explained my situation in tears and I was lucky the person on the other end was a mother as well. It was an emotional 15 minutes but it was worth it in the end. She took me through the online application process which I found very easy to do and advised me on the best amount I should apply for. I was ready to use my car as the incentive to earn the loan just as they had indicated on their easy to use website. I was in need of about $4500 at that moment and with a very high credit score, I was optimistic that I would get the loan. My car was in a pretty good state as well and i knew its value would not bar me from getting the loan. I drove my car to the local office in Manchester NH had it evaluated and submitted my loan application. It was approved and was told to go home because the money would be in my account in a few hours.

When the amount was finally wired to my account only a day later, I was more than happy to let my daughter know that there was a glimmer of hope. She received her chemotherapy and counseling and the remainder was used to offset the bills and buy her medication. The payment duration was longer than I had anticipated and although the interest was a bit high, I must admit that they came through for me at my point of need.

My daughter is doing fine and I am halfway through my loan repayment. Thank you "Loanmax title loan" for what you did to me. Great financial credit company that I would recommend to anyone in Manchester New Hampshire."