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Real review of "Edward Jones - Financial Advisor" in Fargo, ND!

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  Lisa Jensen sent us her review September 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1533 S University Dr, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

"Making smart decisions with your hard-earned money can be quite tricky, especially when you do not know much about finances. That's why we (me and my husband) collectively decided to take guidance from online financial advisors. After prolonged searching, we were still skeptical about choosing a right financial company cum advisors for us. Here to mention, we live in Fargo, ND (North Dakota). Then, based on the advice of one of our mutual friends, we eventually decided to hire a local financial advisor with Edward Jones. We dialed the adjacent branch helpline number and their representative fixed an immediate appointment on the very next day.

We met the financial advisor at the branch (here to note, you also have the flexibility to schedule the meeting at your home too). However, before making a sensitive monetary decision, we think it's a good idea to visit the branch at least once.

During the appointment, the Edward Jones' advisor was patient and careful enough to deeply understand our requirements and future planning. He even asked us a myriad of questions before recommending us a right plan to invest.

According to my personal judgment, an appropriate investment choice can really help us to achieve the important milestones in our life. That's why it's important to secure our financial future beforehand. We are happy as the representatives of Edward Jones were experienced, knowledgeable, and expertized enough to thoroughly assist us to choose the right investment plan for our needs. Their financial representative really listened carefully and helped us to build a unique investment strategy tailored to our specific financial needs. In fact, he followed a 3-step process as briefly mentioned below.

Initially, the advisor assessed our tolerance for risk. Next, he created a quantifiable and actionable financial goal according to what's more important to us. Finally, he recommended investments & strategies which support & align with our financial goals.

We decided to invest in mutual funds that it can give great returns within a short span of time. However, among thousands of mutual funds & exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to pick from, it becomes quite impossible to figure out which one to buy. In this context, Edward Jones' dedicated mutual fund research team effectively helped us to analyze mutual funds and provided quality recommendations with their profound experience in this field.

It was a short-term investment (for 3 years). Fortunately, we got a great return on our first investment with Edward Jones. We are unconditionally happy with their assistance!

The only problem is, Edward Jones is a fee-based advisor. Their fees are relatively high compared to the other financial institutions. So, hopefully, we will be trying other financial institutions as well in near future."

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