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   Real review of "Sammons Financial Group" in Sioux Falls, SD!

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  Taylor Lowrey sent us his review October 9, 2016.

  Visited address:
  5400 S Solberg Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, USA

"I have always been an avid traveler and although I have been to a couple of places in the world. I had always wanted to travel more and see what is out there. It is however quite hard to do that with my salary so I had to look for a financial institution that would help me out with this. I am a resident of SIOUX FALLS, SD where I have lived for almost all my life. Coming from such a small town, I have wanted to go and see the rest of the world. It has been a dream that came through when I paid Sammons Financial Group a visit and they gave me one of the bets deals that I could have hoped for. I got to research a bit and asked around as well as doing some searching online to see if anything positive came up and Sammons Financial Group was what I was looking for. As you walk into their offices you feel welcome the moment you stand there, and it wasn’t just the way I was received but how also my request got handled and processed in a most extraordinary time.

My customer experience touched on three things, and I would like to highlight them just a bit.

Customer service

I think this is one of the best things about this company as you get into the offices. You feel welcome, and even as you talk to the customer representative, you almost feel like you already got what you came for. I was treated like an imperative person, and this is what I liked most about this company. That no matter the car you drove in with or how you walked in, you are all the same and you are treated very highly. You almost wish that all companies that you have ever walked into were like Sammons Financial Group. I got to talk to them about my plans, and I was directed to who I will talk to so I may be addressed on how this will be achieved.

Available plans

This is another area that most interested me as I was talking to one of the employees there. She told me that there were so many plans that I could pursue in my quest to make my traveling dreams come true. She walked me through them very keenly so that I wouldn’t miss anything and she was always polite enough to repeat anything that I did not feel okay with. In the end, we found a plan that fit my salary as well as me and one that won’t take long before I can actualize it.

I walked out of that building happier than I had come in and am glad that I found out about this company. I would rate them a 4.5 out five as the service is excellent and they have been in this field for a while which has made them even better serving the residents of Sioux Falls as well as myself for a long time."

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