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   Real review of "Bank of England Mortgage" in Little Rock, AR!

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  Josh Sullivan sent us his review October 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  5 Statehouse Plaza #500, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA

"Bank of England Mortgage (ENG Lending) is among top mortgage lenders in America. It is owned by the bank of England. It has headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas with branches in Virginia and Texas. If you have ever taken a mortgage loan, then you probably know about the company. It has good reviews when it comes to offering mortgage services. ENG Lending is dedicated to making it easier for those who will like to buy new homes as well as those who will like to renovate their old homes achieve it.

They make it easy for you to plan your mortgage loan or home equity. You can plan your monthly home financing plan and the company will make your dream of owing the best home come true. With secure application process you will be on the safer hands when applying for your mortgage loan in Little Rock, AR online as well as when you will visit their premises in person. They promise of making live your dream by making the mortgage and other loan application process very easy.

They have loan of officers available all-round the clock to attend to your needs. The company offers more than $2.2 billion loans in a year. Although they have branches in few states, they offer loans all over the country. Some of the mortgage services the company offers include conventional mortgage loans, FHA, Jumbo and VA loans.


ENG Lending understands the local clients. This is seen from the way they structure their services so that they meet the needs of their intended customers. They have different types of mortgage loans which are priced at different interest rates. It does no matter the amount of money you will like to access from the company as a mortgage; they allow you to apply for any amount you will be comfortable to repay.

Company services

Since 1898 the company has been serving Americans realize their dreams of building their homes. ENG Lending has more than 550 employees who serve clients in more than 25 states Little Rock, AR being among the places they serve. The decisions of the company are made with consideration of the needs of clients. This makes the company very relevant in their service delivery. The company has experts who respond very fast to client needs. This makes them very helpful in delivering customer centered services. If you will like to build a dream home, the company is among the best which you can trust for you to achieve great services.

Customer ratings

In BBB the company has A+ rating. Although there are few complaints, most of them have been addressed and closed. It is among top companies which take into consideration complaints raised by customers. For over a century the company has been committed to offering outstanding services to customers. If you are trying to compare companies so that you will decide on one from where you can access mortgage, this is among the best companies which you can consider. Several people have built homes through the help of ENG Lending. You too can."

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