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   Real review of "Castle Wealth Advisors" in Indianapolis, IN!

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  Brian Cairns sent us his review October 10, 2016.

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  9820 Westpoint Dr #200, Indianapolis, IN 46256, USA

The preferred choice of financial advisory firm for a Singaporean in the States...

"It was sometime just after Christmas in Singapore, in the year of 2013 when my wife and I decided to make the bold decision of packing our luggage and lugging our kids halfway across the world to settle in the United States. New York, the city that never sleeps was one of our go-to destinations to start our life afresh but we found that the state of Indianapolis was more forgiving than the city that never sleeps.

We’re in the wedding favours business you see, and since our base of operations were from Singapore but a majority of our customers were from the state of Indianapolis, we decided to head there to be closer to our customers.

Now thing to note, I’m Malay by race, and my wife, a French, and settling in a country that’s multi-racial like Singapore was not really a problem. BUT, fast-forward to today, we have the likes od Donald Trump who’s threatening to kick out immigrants like us.

Let’s not delve in politics now shall we?

Settling down in a foreign country

Us moving halfway across the world got us a little back-benched in terms of comfort, it meant a new way of life, new home, new workplace, new school, and a revamp of our retirement planning. Being a Singaporean, I grew up learning about Singapore’s laws, grew accustomed to Singapore’s standard of living and even prepared to retire in it.

But all those plans are now shelved. I was lost, had no friends, and the US currency was almost twice that of the Singapore dollar. Meaning to say for the $1 that saved for my retirement in Singapore was now worth not even half in the states!!! I basically had to jumpstart my financial planning.

Until I met Jody. Jody, a Financial consultant from Castle Wealth introduced to me by a friend we made in our neighbourhood, was a Godsend. She was a cheerful lady in her mid 30s, pretty successful in her career, she’s a associate director in the branch, and today she’s our executor for our family trust! That’s how much the level of trust we have in her as our consultant.

The thing that we learnt in business in any trade, is the person himself. The customer buys from you and no matter the price, if there is a level of trust between customer and the consultant, it’s more or less a done deal.

"Castle Wealth Advisors"

Castle Wealth Advisors had been around since the early ,1970s. First starting out as a single entity, they were one of the first-fee only advisors in the Midwest. Since then they have sprung out throughout the country in 45 different states after establishing their core business in personal financial planning.

Spanned out in three different entities

Castle Financial Group: - Specializes in personal financial planning of individuals, ranging from risk protection to retirement planning.

Castle Investment Group: - A registered investment advisory firm under the SEC, and has portfolios that oversees not only personal assets, but charitable trusts, retirement assets and family foundations. They also include a variety of stock options to help invest wisely and grow your wealth.

Castle Valuation Group: - Preparing business valuations for closely-held companies is the main goal of this entity. They handle both public and private companies through a thoughtful and organized approach.

We found that it was a clever approach to separate financial planning into three areas. From a businessman point of view, I think it’s prudent, and safe. Just in case some thing stirs up in the legal aspects, not all of their portfolios will be liquidized. Smart, if you ask me.

The reason why I chose Castle Wealth Advisors

My wife and I chose them because of three factors.

Firstly, they were recommended strongly by a neighbour, whom were the first ones we got acquainted with.

Secondly, Jody, was remarkable. Apart from her remarkable knowledge in finance-particularly those related to the states, she was like the best of a Financial Advisor you can find in Indianapolis. She went to great lengths to explain to us the legalities in the states, what we have to watch our for as new citizens etc etc.

Thirdly, Castle Wealth was like a financial pit stop. They have this no-wrong-door policy comparable to some companies in Singapore where you had to go to different companies to get say, your taxes done, estate planning, stuff like that. But with Jody and her company, heck, they even had our life insurance covered!!

What more can I say of my contentedness with Castle Wealth? They’re the epitome of good, top notch service. They made my migration to the United States a breezy one, and I’d certainly recommend Castle Wealth to any of my friends from Asia who are looking to settle down in Indianapolis."

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