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   Real review of "Bonneville Bank" in Provo, UT!

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  Brad Ruffner sent us his review October 02, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1675 Freedom Blvd 200 W, Provo, UT 84604, USA

"Many people would agree with me that perhaps the rarest thing you can come across in corporate America is a bank that you can entrust with all your financial secrets. My experiments with the many banks here in Provo, Utah have always led me to the same disappointments - less service satisfaction, and the many service fees that reduce the value of my savings. However, my encounter with Bonneville Bank can be described as extraordinary as this is the only financial institution that is closely connected to its client base. I was introduced to Bonneville Bank by a friend with whom we shared a project, and since he was a member of the bank, I did not have any objection when he suggested that we should approach Bonneville Bank for some loan program to fulfill our project needs.

It didn't take very long before our loan program request was approved, and what impressed me the most was that they didn't ask for many details as they do in many banks across the country. The only information that was needed from us was a detailed explanation of the project we were handling, and how we planned to refund the loan program we had made a request for. Bonneville Bank represents financial freedom, and their low-interest rates on the loans they offer mean that my project and I didn't have any difficulty while repaying our loan program obligations. Their rules are very open, and above all, easy to abide with.

Many people have the notion that the “bigger banks” are usually the best financial institutions to go for in case you need a place where you will feel your worth as a customer. Bonneville Bank isn't a large bank if compared to mega-institutions like the Bank of America. Bonneville Bank represents a medium sized financial institutions where the presence of any customer is felt in detail, and this aspect can be confirmed by how easy it is to talk with their customer support team. Any queries submitted by the bank’s customers are treated with utmost consideration, and barely does a day pass without any submitted problem still not having a solution to it.

I know very many people who are clients of Bonneville Bank, and the surprising thing is that they have no complaints at all regarding their finances. With other banks, I often hear of stories of unsolved credit issues, high-interest rates, and a host of many other problems which piles up complaints among the customers. Bonneville Bank, Utah is a unique institution, and this can be confirmed by the many wonderful reviews and opinions customers have concerning service delivery at this bank."

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