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   Real review of "FirstMerit Bank" in Akron, OH!

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  Terita Parms sent us her review September 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  106 S Main St, Akron, OH 44308, USA

"FirstMerit appears to have lost its appreciation of its customers. Here is the story...

I am a business manager and do my personal and business banking with FirstMerit. On August 18, 2016 my friend (Kate Miller) went to the Akron branch of FirstMerit, OH to deposit a check of $500. It was on a Saturday and Kate was well aware that the check wouldn’t clear till the following week on Monday.

Kate wanted the check cashed or the money deposited that day in her account that day as she had some huge purchases she needed to make that day. She asked a teller in the bank if there was a way that the check would be deposited directly into her account that day. The teller told her he could cash the check and then deposit the cash into her account and the cash would be available there and then. Kate said this would be good and went ahead to make the deposit.

She made a total of 19 purchases throughout the day with her debit card. On Thursday of the following Kate noticed online that her account was overdrawn. The check had not been cashed as promised by the teller nor had he deposited the cash like he had said he would and the check didn’t t clear until the next week on Monday.

FirstMerit charged Kate’s account nineteen overdraft charges at $40 each for a total of $760. Kate went into the bank immediately and managed to talk to the manager at the Akron branch. The manger promised he would speak with the teller who had processed the deposit and later get at Kate. The manger did not call back. James topped in or called again and spoke with the manager. He said the teller didn’t recalling any details regarding the transaction.

He went on to say that Kate was only going to get a refund $170 out of the $760. It is at that point that I decided to get involved. I spoke with the branch manager (he never called me back when he said he would) and couldn’t get anywhere with him. He was rather upset that I was pushing the matter whenever I talked to him.

I called and attempted to explain the situation to the corporate but they told us that we had to speak with the branch manager, but they as too said there is nothing that they could do for us. I did my only little research and somehow managed to get the branch manager's boss' number and spoke with him. She was nice; however, she couldn’t refund more than the $170 after looking further into the situation.

Needless to mention, we’re quite upset that an error done by the teller cost Kate $670-$170=$500 and a few of Kate’s friends have withdrawn their money out of the bank, terminated their accounts and migrated to other banks in Akron. I am also considering following their steps for myself as well as the business that I manage.

I would greatly advise you to think twice before going ahead open an account with Akron FirstMerit bank branch."

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