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   Real review of "Company*" in Hampton, VA!

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  Carl Edwards sent us his review June 24, 2016.

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  ***, Hampton, VA 23666, USA

"I have been a long time customer for Company*, and I used their payday loan service as well as title service from time to time. I almost always pay on time, and when I couldn't, I always made sure to give them a call so that I'd avoid unnecessary collections, but even then, the latest I've paid them is 10 days behind, so I guess that's understandable.

Their process was fast, and although they charge a quite high amount of interest rates, It's understandable for payday loans. Since I was never really behind on payment, I also never got any harsh treatments for collections, so I cannot really review their collection process.

However, I did get an unpleasant experience one time, although (I found out later), it was not directly tied to them. One time, I think it's back in 2014, I got a call from a collection company saying that they have papers for my SS# they received from Company*. I was confused, even more, because I was currently in the middle of a payday loan with them, which I just paid the installment a few days back. The amount they mentioned was also outrageous, of $5,500 which I'm sure I never owed Company* that much. I hung up the phone and visited the nearest Company* branch I frequented on Armistead Avenue, Hampton to clarify.

The lady clerk who handled me was confused, and she called her supervisor to help. The supervisor was very supportive, and he said that this might be an identity theft case, and they will assist me with this problem. They assured me that they never sold my debt (which all have been paid in full anyways) and my identity to a collection company, and they are extremely sorry about the matter.

He directed me to, and I filed a report there. I left with a relieved feeling and was glad they are very helpful through the whole process. Later that day, the so-called 'collection company' called again, and I was upset so I threatened them that I have confirmed with Company* that it was a fraud and that the case has been reported. The guy hung up the phone immediately and hadn't called again ever since.

I saw a lot of similar cases on reviews, as well as other cases when 'Company*' seemingly called that we are approved for a loan, only to ask for a 'fee' that should be paid with weird methods such as Itunes cards or etc. I assure you they are not Company*, and it's a fraud company attempting con at you.

When such case happens, even when you are really desperate for money, relax and file your report on Remember, you need a loan, not to make yourself lose much more money. As far as my loan experiences with them, they never asked for weird and outrageous fees, even more using weird payment methods. Be careful!"