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   Real review of "Old Point Mortgage LLC" in Hampton, VA!

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  Clarence Stanfield sent us his review September 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  15 W Mellen St #100, Hampton, VA 23663, USA

"My current home in Hampton was my first purchase, and I'm really glad I used Old Point Mortgage LLC as my mortgage lender. I was nervous about getting my mortgage, especially since I read a lot of bad reviews and complaints regarding mortgage providers, and I really have no clue about my options, interest rate, and all the complications surrounding it.

My FICO score back then also barely hit 700, so I was nervous about shopping for rates since it will affect the score.

When I was looking online for info, I stumbled upon Old Point Mortgage, which claimed they are the biggest online mortgage lender firm in the business, so I decided to give it a go. I started with a live chat, and the guy on the other side was very helpful and supportive in explaining the process, what would I need, and other nitty-gritty. He (or maybe she? I kinda forgot), explained that I would need to pay a 'Good Faith Deposit' of $550 (between $400 to $750, depending on many factors), which will be deducted from my closing costs, I was a bit confused about this process, but the guy explained it to me thoroughly so I was convinced.

Another advantage I liked from Old Point Mortgage LLC is the options and choices. The guy over the live chat explained that I can either take a conventional mortgage (with both adjustable and fixed rate varieties), as well as other products like FHA and if you're a veteran,VA. Again, the guy explained very thoroughly about all the options. I was a bit skeptical about taking an FHA loan, because of my misconception about it being more suitable to lower-income purchasers. However, after the guy explained the advantages (especially the lower down payment), I was sold, and so I applied for the FHA loan.

Long story short, my loan application was approved! I didn't remember how long it took, but I think it was very fast, a week or so.

I was so happy at that moment for finally owning my first house. Remember, that the whole application process was only over a live chat and some emails for sending documents. They then asked where I would like to do the closing, and I could choose any place I want, even the local coffee shop. Wow! I was really impressed with the flexibility they offered when my peers and families all scare me with their stories of complicated processes for mortgage applications and closings.

My other notable experience was when I changed my job, and get a different pay date than my previous one, so I will miss my mortgage for that month for roughly 2 weeks. I was prepared to pay for penalties, late fees etc, but I was really surprised how they were really supportive and gave me a leniency. In the end, they moved my mortgage payment date and didn't need to pay any penalty.

I'd really recommend using Old Point Mortgage to anyone, especially for those who would like the flexibility of online application and won't need to meet the lender face to face (I understand that it could bring confidence for some people). Overall, a great experience!"