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   Real review of "Capitol Wealth Advisors" in Lansing, MI!

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  Beth Marinez sent us her review September 19, 2016.

  Visited address:
  Business&Trade Center LLC, 200 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48933, USA

"I have had an account with Capitol Wealth Advisors for probably two years now and never had a mundane experience until recently. When I don’t sign up to any of their services yet they are very encouraging and accommodating. They are assisting me even in the simplest questions that I had. I would say it was my first time to have an idea about banking and stuff since I only graduated a few months back that time. Further, I knew that I was about to enter adulthood and would begin to experience tougher life situations so I would definitely need to manage my finances moving forward.

Relative Bureaucracy

As I was looking for a financial institution around Lansing Michigan, where I am currently based, and also planning to build an investment through a “small” business, I said to myself, why not look for a financial company that can provide me flexible options and give me the liberty to managing both personal and business accounts. To cut the story short, I decided to open an account with them. When I gave them my information to process my card, it was not as smooth as I expected. I had to go through numerous phone calls and keep on following up the status of my approval.

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Modest Customer Service

Aside from the long bureaucratic channels involved in account opening, I noticed they are quite consistent with their sympathetic customer handling (both in their office and through customer service lines).

Slow Card Replacement and Professional Negligence

When I finally got my card, I right away started my transactions. I must say everything was going well until this recent incident. I lost my card and requested for its replacement, I thought everything has been taken care of but when my monthly bill came, I gaped in shock. My bill was unbelievably huge and there were purchases dated after the day I reported my card loss. There is clearly a fraudulent activity in where my card has been used and they failed to identify that! I disputed these amounts of course, but then all of a sudden all the warmth and sympathy that they were giving when I was a “then” new customer are all gone. Customer service lines suddenly became jammed and I could not get to the person who at the end of the day can’t even resolve my concern.

Gross Insensitivity

I decided to drop by their offices to see what they can do about it. They entertained me, (they are not the worst financial institution after all) they have apologized and recognized their fault. However, during that time even though they are keep on apologizing and what it seems like “owning up” for their mistakes the officers still gave me that impression that they are blaming me for what happened. I just let it pass, what’s important is I already have my card back and they have scratched those charges on them. I’m just keeping the positive spirit that hopefully our banking relationship would start anew and that they would learn to value me as their customer and to what they refer me to as their “partner”. Or else, I guess I would need to consider looking for another financial company here in Lansing, MI."