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Real review of "SecurityNational Mortgage Company" in Lakeland, FL!

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  Robyn Elaine sent us her review October 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4732 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33810, USA

"After ten years of working and having to move from one house to the other, either have the former renovated or reduce expenses, I decided to buy a home so I would provide a reliable home offer my two-year-old son. Getting a mortgage was the only way out. After research, scouting and recommendations, I settled on SecurityNational Mortgage Company Lakeland, FL to acquire my home.

First, I sent an email to the company detailing my contact information and my intentions. That same evening, I got a reply booking me an appointment with one of their loan officers. The following morning, I got a call asking me to provide details about the most appropriate time to hold the meeting. Since this office is close by, I met with this officer after work. We went through my bank statements, details about the kind of mortgages they offer, and the pros and cons of one over the other. We also discussed the type of houses that were within my limit, and was given time to think and make a decision.

After a week of soul searching, I decided to start the application process. I completed the online form, attached the required documents and sent it for analysis by the company. The truth is that my financial status was not very good at that time and some lenders could easily shy off. With their guidance, I was able to get 97 percent financing for my dream home and agreed on the mode of payment.

I would say there were several hurdles to jump before the deal was sealed. But they were not so high as to hinder my dreams. Their team of experts walked with me through this path. Their in-house team of experts ensured that I got answers to all my worries and questions, all under one roof. Their large paperwork somehow overwhelming but I guess it was worth the cost.

It’s now five years since I started repaying the mortgage loan and I attest that I have not had any issues with this company. Moreover, I got a financial boost from my father during the second year of the mortgage. It was easy using these funds to make additional payments. In addition, although I have not used this feature, I was told that if had an emergency I could talk to them so I can redraw funds without having to go to the bank or paying any fees. Also, I usually get updates about the company offers, promotions and new products. In fact I am thinking of using the company 203K and Reverse loan offers come next year.

With confidence built over the five years I have worked with Security National Mortgage Company in Lakeland, I can give the company a 10/10 rating in terms of its price, customer service, features, convenience, timely response, and trust. Whoever ranks this company number one in business is not biased and has my full support. I found it an ideal company for anyone keen on owning their own home affordably."

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