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   Real review of "La Brunerie Financial" in Columbia, MO!

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  Brian Coley sent us his review June 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  601 W Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203, USA

"I was searching for a great local financial services firm in the Columbia, Missouri area and ran across LaBrunerie Financial’s website. I was impressed by their establishment in the community (since 1966) and by the resources they had online to help determine what kind of services would be most helpful to me.

LaBrunerie claims to provide a process of education of financial markets and trends into understandable advice and demonstrated results for clients.

I originally sought to find a financial planner to create a personal wealth plan, reduce my tax liability and ramp up retirement planning especially in a vastly changing and fast paced financial world. I was attracted to LaBrunerie’s central Columbia, MO location and flexible hours, with the potential to meet clients on evenings and weekends through personal appointments.

They also offer education and advice for employers, organizations and other large groups to take advantage of proper corporate plans. They seemed to have a healthy approach to finance, emphasizes the ability to save first as the key to unlocking smart investment skills later on.

After meeting with an advisor at LaBruneries I was struck by their level of assurance and privacy given to my financial advice. They seemed focused on building up a positive client-advisor relationship through extensive customer service. The small management team all seemed experienced and well-connected to the Columbia area, providing outward looking advice with friendly small-town treatment.

Their commitment to offering continuing education and classes clustered around smart financial learning and current trends is also an enduring selling point and gave me a sense that they care about their own community.

Additionally, I was provided written performance reports and frequent financial analysis by my advisor. Their personal reviews gave me important and prompt evaluations of financial situations and approaches for my long term planning. My advisor made of point of trying to understand my current financial situation and behaviors and my goals for the future to figure out my approach to risk, my potential for returns and my attitude towards investing. They took an inventory of my present and imminent financial resources to create an eventual investment plan.

I was then left to go over everything before being able to direct my advisor to implement a plan for me including chosen asset classes, special securities and money controllers in a unified portfolio. To account for a shifting market and any of my personal life developments, my advisor assured me that LaBrunerie would implement a continual review process to supervise my investment portfolio along with market performance.

After an initial visit and plan, I felt more more effectively equipped to tackle my major financial decisions and even had a good idea of some hidden surprises that I needed to consider down the road."

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